#138 Brad and Chez a Sweat Dripping Pounding -

Approx Run Time: 54 Minutes

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A Weapon: Holy Shit!  Brad is an ANIMAL in this!  He took on this shoot like a gladiator in an arena; his weapon his body, all 280 pounds of pure muscle brandishing a 9+ big curvy dick.  Chez gets slammed again in this one, you will remember him from #75 A Night to Remember with yours truly and as the bottom cum dump in #82 our 10 year anniversary block buster “Switch”.

Full Court Press: About a week before this meeting I asked Brad to abstain from any sex so he comes in aggressive and powerful, and he did.  Chez was a champ and genuine in his ongoing admiration of both myself and Brad and went into this one knowing he was getting full throttle.  Brad being Brad and me throwing out orders from behind the camera, sometimes lending a hand to hold Chez down, hold his legs up or even cover his mouth to muffle the pain.

Sweat Pouring Fuck: This was a long shoot, Brad face fucks, dominates, uses and abuses Chez in a beating only Big Brad can give.  Brad used Chez’s ass and mouth to edge him for over an hour getting in what was probably one of the most intense cardio workout fuck sessions we have filmed so far.  Brad was literally soaking wet, dripping with sweat as he pounds out Chez.  Chez screaming in pleasure and pain, while getting thrown around, choked, pinned and pounded as sweat drips off Brad.  In the end Brad feeds Chez a very thick load that was so intense you know he held out and edged for sure.

Another added to Brad's long resume of hardcore pinned and pounded merciless power fucks; and so many more yet to be seen!  VIP's binge watch 'em all, anytime, all the time or for classic members make your wish list and knock them out 1 by 1.


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Comments: 8

One of the best Brad scenes ever
Hot scene. Like it when Brad says "shut the f*ck up and take it" . I give this scene 10 out of 10
Hot scene. Like it when Brad says "shut the f*ck up and take it" . I give this scene 10 out of 10
Jesus this is one hot film, I watch it over and over and I am in awe, shacking my head saying out loud Damn there is just nothing like this crew anywhere!
Brad is so amazing ... would like to see him have his feet socks sneakers really worshipped
"Nobody ever drowned in a pool of sweat."-My USMC Drill Instructor Maybe. But Brad sure comes close in this video.
This is one of those scenes that needs to be checked out more than once. Seeing it a couple more times it never gets old. The main word here is INTENSE. Huge turn on to see Brad just sweating from head to toe because he is not holding back and turning Chez into the FUCK TOY that he wants to be. Brad is relentless in making Chez swallow his prick BALLS DEEP and surrender his tight MAN CUNT in one of the hardest fucks we have ever seen him give. All the visual intensity that makes #138 so hard to resist is because my man Carlo/Boss is a wizard with the camera! We get to see this SportSex session up close and personal from angles that are awesome. You know you are watching a Boss creation when you see Chez's throat expand with Brad's giant penis inside it ... or when you literally watch Brad's horse cock make its way into that almost virgin-like pucker. You are so close to the action with Boss managing the camera that you Brad's cum-filled huge NUT SAC is practically swinging in your face as he BANGS Chez because Boss puts the camera right there at where the fuck is taking place. Like I said before HOLY FUCK!!!
HOLYFUCK this is a hot scene!!! Brad looks fucking amazing! Seems he has gained more muscle and form ... if that is even possible... and he is in rare form and ready to use a willing Pussy Boy like Chez. It is always hot to see Brad take it up the ass from Carlo/Boss or Matt in one of their intense bareback SportSex scenes. But in #138 we get BigBrad at his alpha TOP best. He is ready to take control and he does. TWISTED and hot the way he uses Chez's sweet FUCK HOLE and throws him into position like a rag doll. The verbal, the commands, the rough pounding and that monster 9X7 cock are what makes Brad such a stallion and he delivers it here. This is gonna go down as one of the big sellers for Brad and it also let's us in on his ability to do more HARD CORE fuck scenes with a willing cock sucker. BRING IT ON!!!