#135 Spy Cam: California Chris Easts His Own -

Approx Run Time: 36 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 8


Sit Back, Watch & Listen: Spy cam, a great concept of mine for our live cam network.  A crew member can just put it on, announce it or schedule it and let it run.  Members bounce in and out; you can watch like a voyeur, the member can’t communicate with the model, in fact no one has to speak, all the model has to do is turn it on and be himself at what ever he is doing, and all the member has to do is sit back and watch as if he was peering through a window; the member hears everything and sees everything.  It has become pretty popular with a great price point and very little formalities.  

An Impromptu Cock & Cum Show: #135 is one of those cams, and this one I chose to release.  When California Chris first joined us a few months ago, he was testing his cam on “Spy” mode.  A few members who added themselves to his contact list got the notification he was on and joined the room.  He text me (as you will see on the cam) and asked what he could do, I told him what ever he felt like doing.  That is the purpose of a spy cam, I have had some watch me working and editing video at my desk, it is really what is going on at the exact moment the cam is turned on.

Chris Just Did His Thing: Well in this moment, the cam was turned on and so was Chris.  He began feeling himself to reveal his nearly 10 inch monster cock.  This lean ripped jock has a cock like a donkey and he knows it, which is why he came here in the first place; to show it off.  Show it off he does, full raging hard-on his tool curves up at the head like a tow hook, definitely a show piece, but what really made this cam was when this kid busted a huge nut on his abs he scooped it all up with his fingers and ate every last drop of his own cum.

When reviewing the footage, I was amazed he did that and knew this had to be his first release, and name appropriately “California Chris Eats His Own!”

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Comments: 4

Reminds me of a buddy of mine in college who liked to stroke like that while I licked his balls. He would shoot on my tongue. Damn, this guy is hot.
Had to watch this again, woof what a dick!
Dayyymmm! Give us more Chris!
FUCK!!! That is Hot! What a fucking cock on this stud! If I was there you wouldn't have to eat your own, just feed me!