#131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 39


The Plumber: We are at it again, a scene inspired by real life events.  This was filmed after Anthony doesn’t fully follow instructions on how to use the garbage disposal and causes my kitchen sink to back up.  What he did needed a professional plumber on an emergency call; which ain’t cheap.  I wrote the check and Anthony paid me back by letting me work his ass over and slam him senseless in a fuck session “Boss and Anthony” style.

Going Deep: The plumber with his professional snake went 40 feet deep in my kitchen plumbing, so I collected on the debt by going just as deep inside Anthony.  We had one of my famous Boss Martinis, Anthony was loose and very ready.  Starting with a finger, then 2, then 3 and teasing him with my rock hard cock only putting my head in. Then switching back to fingers, and a little more dick dropping pre-cum in his ass used as additional lube.

Finger, Fist and Fucking: I fucked Anthony every which way, balls deep and hard as he moaned and at times even screamed with both pain and pleasure.  He was loose, relaxed and wanted it and what brought him to shoot off a huge load was my pushing his limits and stretching him with almost my entire hand up to my wrist in his ass.  He was finished but I wasn’t so I pinned him down and fuck him  some more before dumping my hot load in his ass.  Anthony made good on the debt and I took what was mine in the first place.

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Comments: 11

Yes. Just rewatched. The Boss knows EXACTLY how to fuck. The fisting SO damn hot. And Carlo going back in to beat out a cum: "Does it hurt? GOOD!" Anthony 110% IN IT all the way. Two amazing musclestuds.
Damn Anthony really took Boss’s whole fist inside of him, what a Champ. Hoping to see what else Anthony can take
HOT DAMN! Incredibly hot scene. I haven't seen the entire catalog, but how can you top this? Carlo's description 100% the truth.
i love this site. The best!
Jokster10001: Thanks, yea the intensity is genuine.
By far the hottest and most intense i have seen between these two. whoa!
Incredible hot sex again! Anthony is beyond amazing w/Boss inside him--
Give me more!
nice!! Carlo very sexy!!
Just when ya think the #BossAndAnthony connection can't get any HOTTER the two studs come out with this scene to showcase their REAL and genuine BOND … the kissing, the cock sucking, the verbal … it's as if there is no camera ... just RAW passion!
HOT DAMN! Boss knows how to fuck!!! WOW Anthony you took Boss's fist! He owns that hole like no one has or ever will!