#129 Live Encore Rodman Cock & Cum Show Bedtime Load -

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Approx Run Time: 14 Minutes

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The Man! After an earlier cam to bust a morning nut for 1 member in #128 Morning Load, Rodman returns in #129, after the gym and before bed to milk out another.  Both cum shots are massive which proves he either gets off hard showing off his 10 inches or he is just a stud high in testosterone who found a place here to explore and express his alter ego.  I am thinking it’s both!

Two Hands On The Wheel! If you’ve watched Rodman sport a 10 inch boner and pop-off a mayonnaise thick white creamy load before you already know his trade mark stroke method of using both hands to grab his big dick.  

What more can be said that the trailer and the photo grabs here don’t.  If you are a Rodman fan you already know and from the comments I am getting in emails, watching him get off on camera is a member favorite.

What do you think?  Tell us! Feel Free to leave comments on this film and all that inspire you. Rodman reads them, in fact we all do!

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Comments: 3

Besides that sexy masculine body and big dick, his cum loads are epic. The second load is as big as the first.
Matt's got some competition. hehe
DAMMN!! DAMMN! His cock looks like my arm! Can't imagine some cock sucker on call taking that load down his throat! Really enjoying the Live Encores Boss, and the VIP program is worth double the price for all you get, really glad to be a VIP!