#127 Remind Me! Boss Fucks Anthony Raw! -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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The Series: Another in a series of Boss and Anthony live cam encores and full feature films, this is a 50 minute private 1-1 live encore of me (Carlo) and Anthony with all the talk before and after removed leaving in only the good stuff. This was filmed with 2 cameras for a different perspective, first the web cam used to broadcast the original live event and another to capture it with a different perspective.  

The member we met with privately is a very long time regular supporter of The Muscle Mafia filmed after Anthony took a few weeks off from cams and filming to focus on an unrelated new career opportunity.  

A Friendly Reminder: Working long days and lots of hours Anthony almost forgot the stress relief the pleasure of my dick massaging his prostate in an intense sweaty erotic fuck session really was.  So in this film #127 I reminded him.

We spoke for a while until I took charge of the situation and pinned Anthony to the bed with lots of tongue kissing and intense making out; the rest happened naturally.  Anthony needed to be prepped with a couple fingers, then teased with the head of my dick using my pre-cum to pre-lube his ass before I went balls deep on another toe curling, mind blowing, hypnotic Boss fuck.  No fan fair, no delay, right to it.  I can feel with my fingers and my dick how full Anthony was and how badly he needed to release a stored up load.  

That is just what he did as I fucked a very thick, creamy muscle load out of him while dumping my own right where it should be and where he likes it best, deep in his ass.  Another intense fuck session with me and Anthony.

For more Boss / Anthony see my suggestons below in "Check it out" or for a complete list of all our movies see our movie resumes Boss or Anthony.

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Comments: 5

tour ability to make someone as dominant as anthony comfortable enough to be submissive to you is a super power
Amazing studs going at it! Doesn't get any better than this. You two have great movie's together.
Wow incredible action. Anthony and Carlo jerking each other's and kissing. !!! How bout more vids of that. Real men jerking each other's kissing moaning.!!!!!! Hell yea. Incredible vid. Anthony moaning like a bitch in heat. Speechless here :-)
The Chemistry with these 2 is amazing. The minute Boss touches the head of his dick to Anthony's ass you can see his entire body twinge with pleasure. Good luck on the new job Anthony, but don't stay away too long Boss loads keep you going. Lucky Guy, Boss Anthony's ass loves your cock, made for it
By now we know that Boss doesn't get in front of the camera TOO often. He is the brains (as well as the STUD muscle) behind this underground discreet community ... working with the guys, keeping track of all the tech and a lot of other jobs. But when he does get in front of the camera ... especially for a FUCK scene ... we know it's gonna be HOT! So in #127 we get more of what a STALLION the Boss is. This man knows how to BANG a jock FUCK HOLE like nobody's business! The fact that Anthony has been working hard at another job and has been away from his duties as BOSS's BOY makes this scene really intense. The verbal between these guys ... then the making out ...then Carlo fingering Anthony's MAN PUSSY ... it all leads to the great visual from TWO separate angles...HOT! of the Boss long-dicking his boy with that HUGE HARD COCK that knows how to take it rough and still keep fucking. Anthony moans while Boss leaks PRE-CUM into his ASS but one of the hottest things is when Carlo is BALLS-DEEP in his boy and starts doing a GYRATE FUCK RHYTHM with his muscled Boss butt before BLASTING SPERM inside Anthony. Now *that* is a BOSS FUCK!!!