#126 Jason Breaks the Ice, a Remote Live Cam with The Boss -

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The Family / Community Grows: Jason M! or as I call him “West Coast Jason”,  represents our “E-Crew” or Extended Crew.  Those that may not live close to The Muscle Mafia and can be anywhere around the world.  In the past their only chance for joining a shoot with us was to travel here.  These are guys who I either recruit, you recruit and send to me or they apply themselves by sending auction photos and emails.  These are guys who share our mission and respect the concept of The Muscle Mafia and now because of cell phone cameras, web cams, and the incredible techs who help make things happen here, they can now become crew.

You Get Involved: I showcase them here, and on our twitter (@themusclemafia) and I conduct remote live shoots through the great technology we built for our live cam network.  I can meet with them live via “remote cam” from anywhere in the world and direct them, coach them and speak with them in an introduction shoot / interview in real time directly from my desk.  Then if all things go well, and the response, comments, retweets, and emails go well I can offer them a cam or “room” at PRD and through your support and muscle fund donations arrange travel expenses paid to come meet with me and shoot with me and the rest of the crew here in a feature Muscle Mafia Film.

Live on PRD: Jason, applied for and was accepted to have a live cam at PRD, he is Room #28, check out his profile there.

This Film: #126 is the actual live “remote cam” unedited from start to finish of he and I talking about getting him ready for shoots, possibly coming out here, dieting for on camera etc.  I also took inventory of his body gave him pointers and after admitting he gets off showing off I let Jason “do him”, I just let him get off on it which is the purpose of his first remote shoot and the “Ice Breaker”.

He Shoots & Scores: Jason looked great, sported as ass that he clearly spends time working on and a boner that should be no doubt shown off and admired, worshipped like the rest of him.  He jerked off for this audition and shot a load that would have been better off on some cock sucker face or down their throat; but I have him smear it all over his pecs.  

The Offer: So, I have extended an offer to Jason to continue to submit video footage and to watch your response and if the interest was there to have his travel expenses paid to come here and shoot with me in person.  

The Journey, should he choose to Take it: So the first steps were done, the ground work laid out, unfortunately since he is across the country it will be up to him to get on cam or submit me video and up to you to encourage him with contributions, comments and reviews.  Then I will work on getting him out here for the full experience and the best part is you, as members get to see it all happen.  

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Comments: 5

Ya know Boss I think you're onto something with the idea of a "Remote Cam Series" ... Studs like #WestCoastJason could get some awesome exposure while getting your guidance while you get them to the place where they can explore things. Also kinda HOT what Jason said on TWITTER today about "saving loads for the Boss." Seems you could sculpt his muscled body to the next level AND own his SPERM ... giving him permission to blast only when you say so. Looks like a poosible new MuscleMafia film idea ... call it #CumControl
Hey Biiigstud! I seem to be getting a great response to "RemoteBossCam" I figured I would and I think its a great way for me to work with and inspire select guys willing to meet up that way. It is also a great way for them to learn the PRD interface and the many options they have. Jason and I have already spoken about a follow up to this and possible some sort of series. Every guy has their own style, their own journey and their own reasons for choosing us. Jason has his and I of course have mine. I think the distance and time zone presents a small challenge but not one that we can't work around. Of course once we get him out here, we can really make things official. My offer stands with him, not its just feedback / help from members and the rest I can do.
The Boss's great eye for talent and STUD potential gives us Jason (or #WestCoastJason as he is known from the twitter feed) the newest recruit to the MuscleMafia. This guy is a natural EXHIBITIONIST who knows how to show off and gets into it! The remote cam idea worked pretty good. Jason definitely takes the Boss's cues from his voice and then runs with it. This young jock has a great bod! He works shoulders and chest a lot and there are a couple times when he bends over and shows off that BubbleButt and you know he is going to be a big hit on PrivateRedDoor. Totally off the charts HOT when his PRICK gets hard as he MASTURBATES for Carlo....and shoots a massive CUM load! Jason needs to get to the Mafia condo soon and get his BIG COCK sucked by Billy...pronto! There's gonna be LOTS in store for this guy. AWESOME to see it from the beginning.
Love him! Great smile! Great Body, Great Dick, Great Load! Great Find Boss! Great to see you interact like that Boss and I hope Jason wants to take the journey here at The MM. I'll be watching.
First Boss, I love this concept and would like to see more. Jason is great, looks incredible even in this his first time ever on cam and still needing to get a few bulbs for his lamps haha! He has a great body and really got into showing it off and especially cumming for you. I have a cam booked with Jason and Im anxious to meet him and to see what you have in store for him.