#125 The Contract: Boss Fucks Brad -

Approx Run Time: 27 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 47


A Pledge a Promise: While filming the lead in to this film, Brad makes an unexpected request for a piece of paper and pen; he literally “draws” up a contract professing the ownership of his ass to me, “The Boss”.  

In all comes Together: You have taken the reality journey of Brad and I from his first very tense ice breaking film #48 which earned him the nick-name BigBrad, through The Game Changers Boss and Brad #71.1 Brad Blows Carlo and the big one  #93 Pump and Dump, Carlo Fucks Brad  right through to his resent live cams and tag teams with Matt (See Brad’s Movie Resume).  #125 was the actual moment where Brad committed his body to me revealing I was the first and the only guy to fuck him.  Ownership of his body meant that it would be up to my discretion what he did with his body, who got to suck him off, and if ever who also got to fuck him.  As you know I have shared Brad’s ass with Matt; the moment I officially gave Matt Brad’s ass to Matt is also a film to be released.

Taking What’s Mine:   In this film after the contract is “drawn” I open Brad up with a large butt plug, (like I did in #64 Massaging Brad's Prostate) lube him up and prepare him for my cock balls deep.  Brad moans in pleasure as I go in and out, change positions and like no one else can, the head of my dick hits his prostate and Brad blows a load all of his chest and abs.  Now it’s my turn… I continue fucking him and when I am ready to cum I tell him, Im going to cum in your ass, his response was “Go For It”

Blazing The Trails: Boss and Brad films are the first in what officially became known as “The Boss’s Boy”, a very special bond and chemistry that inspires exploration and allows guys who are otherwise a hard core alpha to experience submission.  Its a choice made to submit when and if the right guy (me), the ultimate alpha male comes along; for some, most in fact it never does.  

It was the Boss and Brad series (still many to be released) that inspired Anthony when he first met me to express his interest in becoming “The Boss’s Boy”.  I felt the chemistry and the bond then, Anthony had all the right things I look for at that time and that became his baptism in #101.  A very rare but real concept.

Tough Act To Follow:  Even since the concept of “The Boss’s Boy” evolved, I have received emails, audition photos and video from guys worldwide who wanted to apply for “The job”; a position rarely filled and can be held by a very select few.  A position beholding to only the best someone who understands what it means and someone who will always maintain certain standards, trust and loyalty.  Brad is the trail blazer and the example by which all are measured and by which all, should there ever be another Boss’s boy, should follow.

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Comments: 9

Agreed: Brad pounding a bottom is hottest of all. Peter getting torn up in #68 is unrestrained slamming to the max.
GuyDC40, I can't hold my nut fucking Brad, so that makes 2 of us. Fucking Brad is one of my life's pleasures, having you all watch doubles the pleasure. Just as good is watching Matt and Brad together and my all time favorite is watch Brad's 9inch dick slam pound a bottom. All good stuff, endless fun
I can't hold my nut watching Brad get fucked.
Amazing scene wish I had a bud like this and this kind of trust.
Off the Hook Hot! Even at Brad's size Boss's power and confidence over powers this giant and he likes it to.
Right there with ya BradsFan! That HUNK Brad has a body that won't quit .... all 270 lbs of 6 ft 5in muscle...and that ASS of his is GREAT. What I notice too in his most recent masturbation film is that he is kind of an EXHIBITIONIST and likes showing off. A turn on was when he shows off his BIG DICK then lays on his back opens his legs and starts showing off his BUBBLEBUTT and then that tight jock PUCKER that he offers up to Carlo. There's a reason Brad is so popular with fans .... he's got the goods and let's 'em be seen. Every year with him gets more AWESOME. He is a MUSCLE MAFIA star!
This film was fucking amazing. Always nice to see Brad's ass getting the attention it deserves. His cock is fantastic too, but that ass, DAMN! I agree with BiiigStud, I am also craving to see that film when Matt first fucked Brad since I watched the 10th anniversary clip because it showcased a bit of it, so lets cross our fingers for an early release on that one! PS: As a hardcore fan of Brad here's a little something I noticed in this film: Brad is a lefty!! You can notice that when he's signing the contract.
Plain and simple ... watching Brad lie on his back spread his huge muscled legs open his fuck hole and get BANGED by Carlo is just HOT!!! Boss definitely TAKES what he owns! Be hot to see a "BigBrad gets BANGED" series ... and the film of Boss transferring ownership of Brad's ASS to sexy stud Matt can't come out soon enough
Yeah the title of film #125 is "The Contract: Boss Fucks Brad" but it could also be called "SportSex: All About Brad's Muscle Ass" because in this scene more than any other we get to see that BubbleButt get really good showcase. Both Carlo and Brad look great! Their workouts for the summer are up for sure. And the bond between these two alphas is much different than the one between Carlo and Anthony but it is not any less genuine. Just like Anthony, Brad trusts the Boss and will let him use his Man Cunt but when Brad spreads his tree trunk legs and guides the Boss's prick into his Fuck Hole it is driven by massive testosterone and a urge to get BANGED out by stud Carlo. The verbal between these two stallions is straight up no holds barred Bro-Fuck-Session. Brad moans and let's the Boss know "Damn...that feels so good!"...and screams for him to "Stick it back in!" And yeah it's a no-brainer that Brad wants Carlo's SPERM deep inside...and the Boss delivers a hard raw fuck...his mounds of muscle ass flexing as he gives his buddy and star crew member what he's begging for. This contact is all about making sure SportSex with these guys will HOT!