#123 Matt and Brad Tag Team Harris #2 -

Approx Run Time: 37 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 58


Getting it From Both Ends..LIVE! Matt and Brad gang up on Harris once again.  In another live cam show that drew a huge audience, Matt and Brad rock this skinny college students world in #2 of Tag Teaming Harris. This time all of Brad’s 6’7” 280 pounds of muscle slam Harris.  Brad’s dick is about as long and as thick as one of this kids arms and he takes it balls deep like a champ all the while choking on Matt’s 8 inch dick.  Both ends are being used, planting of gagging, screaming, moaning and verbal use and abuse which is the only way a duet between Matt and Brad on a cock sucker should be.

Also see #114 the first Tag Team where the tables were turned, Matt gets Harris from behind while Brad takes the front.  Good stuff, both live events now offered here as an encore.

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Comments: 8

I don't care how many times I see Matt kissing, I blow my load every fucking time. And having Brad getting his cock sucked while Matt made out with his hole? Amazing! I wonder if Matt will get the same treatment soon!
The ginger took it like there is no tomorrow. I am certain as the sun that this is one of the best videos out there in this category.
jj700 and bbfuck: Harris can take it and he has because he really wanted it, this is something he says he would lay awake at night dreaming of but never thought could happen. So he took the pain. He will be back for more.
This is amazingly erotic as well as crazy fucking hot. Harris has been given a pair of sex-gods to worship & service and he does it beautifully. The Matt-Brad kissing takes it to a whole other place for me. Awesome video to repeat-watch forever.
love watching other big guys fuck other muscle bottoms rough .... still surprise no mention of pussy or how much they love it get it or want it. Am I the only guy who gets pussy 3x a day on a busy day day;?
If you like a good spit roast (and who doesn't?!?!) then this video is for you.
The contrast between Brad's massive body and Harris's skinny little fuck boy body is hot has hell. Now throw Matt into the mix and its everything any muscle worshipper would want. A skinny ripped jock in compete awe of these studs and take their cocks in every hole. Brad's cock is as thick as Harris's calf! He takes it Brad's monster cock balls deep, the pain shown on his face was the hottest part for me because he kept taking it, ignoring his own intense pain simple to please his muscle stud. Nice job, give us more!!
Awesome! Awesome loads, and awesome lads. Harris is a trooper for sure. Thumbs up to him.!!