#122 Anthony Creams His Calvins for a Fan -

Approx Run Time: 6 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 10


Anthony has his share of fans that only want to see him.  After his first release #89 Locker Room Blow Job there was a request for more Anthony.  But after the release of #101 Anthony’s Baptism, The Night Boss Claims Anthony there were mass requests for what has now become known as “Boss and Anthony”.  However, me excluded, Ant still has his very strong loyal following of fans who love watching the enthusiasm he has when stroking off.  Anthony gets off on himself, and gets off knowing you are watching and probably puts out one of the most erotic solo jerk off scenes.  

His loyal fan “Brice” requested a very worn, very worked out in, and very sweaty pair underwear from Anthony.  He also requested that Anthony blow a load on them immediately after working out on spy cam.  That spy can was recorded, the pair of underwear was sent and Brice watched the sweaty pair of underwear once owned by Anthony get creamed all over.

I think it was maybe 30 seconds of this film that was part of a teaser that broadcast on our twitter feed.  Since that feed, Anthony fans asked what that was, and if it will ever be released as a film.  You asked for it, here it is (some parts cut to protect the identity of the buy) but here is what is now #122 Anthony Creams his Calvins.

For a complete list of films Anthony has appeared in, see Anthony’s Movie Resume.

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Anthony looks awesome......and makes HUGE sperm!!!