#121 Fun Times With Matt -

Approx Run Time: 23 Minutes

The Buddy System

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These are clips from “The Matt Files”  Fun Times with Matt, a compilation of short fun films starring Matt including a never scene behind the scenes shoot of what happened after we shot #56 Scott’s Private Lesson, Cock Sucker Academy #1

What’s in this Movie:

Scene 1: Fans who are now VIP members asked about photos they had seen in the past of Matt pissing in a public bathroom while I filmed.  You asked for it, so here is that clip.  It was taken during a day Matt and I went to the beach and he stopped off at the public rest room.

Scene 2:  A guy we famously named Piss Boy Mike.  Everyone knows him from #46 our first Christmas Wish where a group of us through him in a bath tub and pissed on him all night while we partied.  This is another clip, never seen where we met with Mike again because he wanted another bladder full of Matt piss in his face.  What a clown this guy was!

Scene 3:  This is a scene of Matt customizing a pair of his worn underwear and workout T-shirt for a very generous fan.  On the basement stairs of a friends house Matt cranks out one of his famous power cum shots and cleans himself off with these generously bought gear items.

As we focus on private cams, filming and releasing new movies, these custom clothing items are rare.  (Also See #122 Anthony Creams his Calvins)

Scene 4:  Matt ran the camera on #56 Scott’s Private lesson with Carlo.  That movie (#56)  is still one of the most watched and best selling in Muscle Mafia history.  It was the fist cock sucker academy films and it inspired many cock suckers who followed to want a lesson from me.  After filming we were kicking back having a conversation with Matt and things lead to where Scott wanted to suck, service and see one of Matt’s big cum shots.

This was an unplanned, post shoot event that was one of those things that we kept the camera rolling for some behind the scenes footage.  You can see the curiosity in Scott’s face and a very real, natural nervous reaction to being in a room with Matt and I and not only getting to suck me off during the filming of #56 but Matt as well after.

Note:  For VIP Members, Scotts audtion jerk off video will be released to VIP Members only in one of our next new release dates.  It is always fun to see where these guys started and to hear the fear, nervousness but excitement in guys like Scott.

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Comments: 3

Hehehe, Carlo I did forget you had dicknotized him prior. He did look quite cocknitized. I think he really did not realized he had Matt in front of him, and was still in shock, can't blame him. hehe :) :;
Mattlu9, give the kid a break it was his first night ever doing anything like this you can see on his face he was over whelmed, you don't get that genuine and real anywhere else you experienced it as it happened along with him and along with us. Don't forget, prior to doing what he did with Matt in this scene he just got done being face fucked by me in his "Lesson". He was a bit stunned (smile)
Really?! Scott was a bit too numb, i mean come on dude, he missed out on the precum dripping, and that amazing cumshot more than impressive was begging to be swallowed.