#115 Billy's Perfect Storm, Inches and White Stuff -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 52


From The Vault!  This one has never released until now, one of way too many that got pushed aside for all the other amazing, erotic and unpredictable “shit that happens” around here.

Mother Nature Guest Stars: Like #92, Christmas Wish 2013  and #98 Brad's Black out Blow Job and several other films, Mother Nature makes a cameo appearance in this film and as always ads something unique and interesting to the plot. 

While Billy was away at College I kept in touch with him and told him to give me a date for a film, any film I could dream up.  He told me his spring break was in about 2 months, we chose a date.  During that time I rounded up Matt, Brad and Adam, set a location and it was set.  What we could never imagine was just days before the shoot they were predicting a major snow storm.  The question became would we be able to pull this one off, and if Matt, Brad and Adam showed up, would billy who was several states away be able to make the trek.  Obviously, you can see he did, but not without one hell of a slow ride.

The Perfect Storm, Inches & White Stuff:  A number of rare circumstances converging together that create a unique event, one that to spite all efforts could probably never be duplicated.  We have had several of these and this is one.  Matt, Brad and Adam, along with a North East Blizzard all come together to create #115, Billy’s Perfect Storm.  While the storm drops inches of snow outside, Billy drops on inches of muscle dick and muscle cum inside.  After a long day of digging out, shoveling and a 6 hour drive for Billy all the guys were relaxed, punchy and ready to release some tension.

After kicking backing talking and laughing, the scene turns serious as Billy starts sucking off Brad, then working his way down the line from Adam, over to Matt and back to Brad again.  To make things a little easier, they put Billy in a swivel chair and spin him from cock to cock.  Then they go in the other room where Brad decides he wants more than just a blow job.  He goes balls deep in Billy’s ass once again, while Matt and Adam cheer him on and get off watching.  Billy gets all 3 loads where ever he wants them.

Another great film that would be hard to recreate again, so enjoy this one and look for Mother Nature to make an appearance in future films.

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Comments: 3

Poetry in motion. What a perfect worship session.
Of all the friends of the Muscle Mafia crew Billy is probably my favorite. Great attitude an awesome smile (the only part of his face you see) but most important a genuine Muscle Worship approach. Really glad that Carlo released #115 from the VAULT because it shows this college jock in his HOTTEST scenario - servicing the three studs. The camera work by the Boss is just on point - like always. Matt, Adam and Brad rake what they want from Billy but it is the HUNG god BigBrad that gets top rights for taking charge of the scene and making Billy give up his muscled jock pussy for his MASSIVE schlong. Brad's verbal and his swagger laying back with big arms behind his head ordering Billy to ride his PRICK is worth the VIP membership. And Billy takes the hot BAREBACK fuck like areal champ then follows up by licking Brad's cock right after he pulls it - cum still squirting - out of his bubble butt and then by swallowing Adam's famous THICK LIKE MAYONISE ropes of sperm. Billy is the king of the MuscleMafia bottom boys!
This one is damn good as well! Brad was a champ in this one too, he wanted more than a BJ and he got it! Billy should've licked his ass as well since he did that with Matt and Adam, lol.