#114 Tag Teaming Harris-Live! -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 72


Kid From Down Under, Goes Down! When a “mate” named Harris first contacted me about being in some films, he was boldly honest that he liked to worship and service muscle, more particularly my crew!  From Australia and attending school in New York City, Harris is a lean, 6’2” jock hungry for “quality cock”! (his words).

The Energy Is Good: He and I spoke on and off for months, I spent my time vetting him, he and I met for a quick sit down and we shook hands as I welcomed him as a newly appointed cock sucker on call; he was thrilled, frankly so was I.  He is quality guy, one who leaves no grey area as to what he is into or what he wants and I can respect that.  But what I respect more is that he is a man of his word, and truly a over all good guy that Matt and Brad enjoyed hanging out with during this live cam event.

Pre-show, Then Show Time: What more can be said, the guys meet live on cam for the Free Pre Show Chat, members joined the room and joined in on the conversations, even called out a few directions telling Harris what to do to Matt and Brad.

The Tag Team..LIVE! Harris was sandwiched between these too hung muscle studs, head turning left and right as he put each cock, and sometimes both cocks in his mouth at the same time.  Then Brad sits on the sofa, forces Harris’s head down on his 9 inch plus monster cock, makes him choke on it.  This was an opportunity for Matt to take his trophy 8 inch, prostate instrument and go balls deep in Harris’s ass, and he did.  Moaning, groaning, sucking, slapping and a verbal scene played out live on cam, this is now a live encore #114.

The Bells:  Some have asked wha the bells ringing are during the show, those sounds are members entering into the room to watch the originally broadcast live show.  As you will hear, there was quite an audience, as there should have been!  Awesome hardcore job by all 3 of them!

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Note: Not all live events or solo cams will be part of the live encore category; so don't miss a live broadcast.  My choices are random, but you asked to see this one and I thought everyone should meet and get to know Harris because I think he will be servicing a lot of dick in any way I tell him.

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Comments: 8

Harris a happy trooper, good addition to the on-call list while in the US. When Matt bones him, he squawks but then leans his shoulders back onto those perfect Matt pecs like a man in ecstasy. Between Matt, Brad and the Boss, it's like which flavor of muscle-fuck do I want next? So good.
Bro!! The kissing it out of control. Hopefully there're more with the kissing zoomed in. I love nothing more than Matt's tongue fighting against someone else's!
Brad and Matt lookin hot as usual. Perfect bodies. Kissing was hot too.
Absolutely incredible ... Matt and Brad the dream team to play with... their muscles bodies and cocks are perfection. Great attitudes as well.. where do I sign up to be their next fuck toy? :)
Brad and Matt are a real hot team during their #Underground shows but when the mix includes a willing #CockSucker like Harris it really ups the stakes. The extreme dominance that Brad and Matt show is off the charts HOT! They get verbal and also react to the encouragement and Ego Boost$ that live #PrivateRedDoor members give. Both guys use their huge Fuck Sticks to fill Harris in both ends - using his mouth and tight muscle ass like sweet pussy being dominated by two muscled frat bros. This will be huge ....and we definitely gotta see more tag team action...it brings out the intensity of these two hung studs!
You are welcome, and yes Matt and Brad together either dominating some sucker or mutual muscle worship, is explosive and yes even bombastic! HAHA good word! Thanks for the comment.
Oh my goodness, Brad and Matt in one show, that's bound to be explosive. Bombastic it was!! I just have a soft spot for Matt my boy, and those blond brows, just mmmmm. Everything about him just yummy. Massive Brad is fucking impressive evermore. Awesome vid. Love my new VIP status, Thank you Carlo.
So hot! I'm so jealous of Harris!