#11 Matt Worshipped and Seduced: The First Blessing -

Approx Run Time: 36 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 35


Most Watched and is one of the top 3 best selling / most watched scenes in musclematt.com history.  Even when it was first released on a DVD, we spent many late nights filling and getting orders ready for shipping.  Here is why, The First Blessing, is exactly what it is titled, This was the first guy to ever meet Matt face to face and be given a Blessing (a cum shot where Matt felt like putting it). Jason was a generous Muscle Matt supporter who got more then he expected, it happened, we let it and we filmed it. Jason performed some feet licking, toe sucking, arm pit licking and POWER cock sucking to impress Matt and guarantee an invitation back.  We were impressed and as you will see in later films (other Matt Classics) we invited him back!

The Back Story.. #11 was one of those that you asked for!  By the 11th film, Matt, musclematt.com and The Muscle Mafia as an organization had developed a pretty impressive fan following and mailing list.  You asked if Matt would ever meet anyone or ever "Bless" anyone with his presence.  You asked, we answered and Jason, as a generous muscle matt supporter was the guy we chose. This certainly pushed Matt's limits and broke certain boundaries including showing more face than ever before, but after meeting Jason and having a candid conversation over a drink or 2 Matt was comfortable and I let it unfold. 

Both guys had a few requests. Jason asked that he meet Matt un-showered after a long sweaty workout. He wanted him pumped and fresh from the gym.  Matt had a request also, well actually 2, That Jason stay completely dressed throughout the filming and that if at anytime he was uncomfortable with anything the filming would stop.

The rest was a pure, raw and unscripted seduction of Matt that is now a best selling classic, still today!  Jason massaged Matt and worked his tongue from the bottom of Matt's feet, to his nipples, arm pits and then right on his dick.  Matt so turned on by the worship and admiration there was no turning back.

Everybody went home happy, Jason got a face and mouthful of Matt's cum, the first cock sucker ever to enjoy that, Matt went places he never had before and so did our movies, and Matt fans were buying up this movie like it was the last on earth; no one was complaining and it was a turning point, another game changer for musclematt.com.

Very intense scene! 

Jason stuck around for a while and made 2 other films that are also classics, see The Matt Classics Category

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Comments: 2

Wow! What a film! This is so hot on so many levels, i can't even handle it. Matt, you are so gracious in letting Jason do what he wants to you. I'm usually not a feet fan, but Matt, you have the cutest feet I would tase them too. That part of the film was so erotic and a huge turn on. Moving on to Jason's eagerness to smell your crotch and taste your cock was insane!! After watching this film, I have a bonefied MAN CRUSH on you Matt for life. Tasting one of your loads is definitely on my bucket list. Oh, and your voice is sexy too.
Matt/Carlos: This is my first time, since becoming a member, to comment. For me, this is the appropriate movie to make my introduction. Matt, I will say, the whole format of this type of meeting, with you and Jason, introducing yourselves and talking over a glass of wine is just sensually explosive! I will be upfront and honest that I immediately fell for Jason. I can relate to him on every level. Matt, you have a gorgeous body and no one would argue why Jason was your fan and wanted to worship you. With that said, the remainder of the comment turns back to Jason. I was disappointed during the first viewing that Jason did not, at least, remove his shirt and beanie. I understand that was part of the deal, but still. However, after viewing it the second and third time, it makes the meeting even more sensual and opens the door for future encounters, which do happen. I could fill pages with my thoughts of you and Jason, but the events are all recorded on the 3 films. I don't know if Jason has a huge following. If he does, add me to the legions. All we know about Jason is what is printed in the movie synopsis and attache reviews. Also, the privacy of the players is what makes the mafia special, unique, and number one in this field/ If I can leave a wish, I would like to see more of Jason if there is film of him in your vaults that hasn't been presented. In conclusion, for me, there is something unique about Jason. Thanks Matt and Carlos for all of the Musclematt group for providing this unique forum of man on man sexual exploration and mutual bonding, free of scripts and nonsensical fantasy. Cheers from a true fan in Texas!