#107 Miracle Worker Boss Massages Anthony Inside and Out -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 53


#107 was voted Movie of the Year in 2016!  We had some close contenders, but this movie, #107 by far was the most watched by VIP Members and most purchased as both a rental and lifetime for Classic Members in all of 2016, and still remains one of our top sellers! Very nice!  Thank you!!

It’s Real..If you were one of the many who made #101, Anthony’s Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony one of our best selling films then you will love #107 Miracle Worker.  This is the second in a series of countless Boss and Anthony films not yet released.  Those that have watched Anthony and I hangout live on cam at privatereddoor.com can bear witness that this sort of scene is usually how it happens; the chemistry and raw alpha-male aggression is real!

Miracles...Matt was at the helm filming this one and did a brilliant job at capturing the nights events.  This was shot after Anthony and I had been working out for a few months, through my diet suggestions and workout techniques he leaned down but was able to add 12 solids pounds to his body.  This night addresses the intense pain and stiffness Anthony was experiencing after an intense leg workout.  I performed a couple massage techniques that not only alleviated his pain but had Anthony moaning and singing my praises as a miracle worker.

Massage from the outside in!..I started with my usual mind fuck techniques, then a pure coco-nut oil front leg massage, and a little cock ball torture and edging.  Then I roll him over massage his ass with my hands and eventually his prostate with my finger(s).  1, 2, and 3 fingers as I massage his prostate from the inside and bring all sensation there.  Soon his ass was ready and his legs where feeling good enough for me to pin them behind his head for a hard core raw boss pounding he couldn’t get enough of, my load in his ass and his load fucked out of him all over his abs and chest… Nice!  A Boss and Anthony Classic!


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Comments: 15

This has to be one of the best scenes I have ever viewed, counting any genre of adult movie. The intensity and the authenticity together with Anthony’s eagerness are just plain awesome. I wish Anthony would return.
When I first moved to NYC many years ago as a horny southern boy, I was immediately attracted to the Italian boys and men. I loved how loud, brash, confidant, built & sexy they were. I loved how they roamed in packs like animals raising hell but there was also an affection among them that was clear. The Italian in them made them brothers and you knew they looked out for one another. I'd fantasize about them when I'd see them in the park, gym, clubs & on the street. Goddamn, I wanted to be an Italian guy from Bay Ridge or at least have sex with them which seemed unattainable. They were and still are the hottest men in the city. These films have fulfilled a fantasy I never thought I'd see. This one is especially load blowing for me. Carlo has created a world where these god-like animals just want to have incredible sex that they can't get from a female so they help each other out under his direction. The concept of gay or straight disappears in these movies and they're nothing like the gay porn I used to watch but don't anymore because this is the real thing. In this film, Carlo truly shows what his role is in controlling his boys. When he says, "atta boy" or "buddy" in that deep masculine voice, it's enough to make me cum just hearing that. Who wouldn't do what he says when somebody like him is giving the orders? And Anthony's innocent eagerness to please is so fucking adorable sexyy. I also love his corny jokes and attempts at humor. You know he loves his momma and doesn't give anybody any trouble. When he screams in ecstasy, my cock doubles in size. It's all just so fucking hot. This is a masterpiece. Thanks guys for doing what you do. And God Bless Italia!
The erotic energy was off the charts in this. Shear poetry in motion.
Boss Carlo knows how to prepare this bull stud Anthony for a wild ride. Anthony is so vocal, clearly loving it and being taken places he has never been before. I shot 2 loads watching it the first time. Instant classic. Anthony is such a built stud, but boy, Boss Carlo could take me any time!
DAMM! Two perfect bodies enjoying each other. That's what it's all about.
OMG!! This one is so freaking HOT!! I loved every second of it and creamed so hard.. Anthony has an amazing body and cock. With the most delicious ass i've seen in a while. His feet and toes are also HOT!! I hope to see more of you two real soon.
More and more of you two!! Two manly men looking delicious as always.
This should be Movie of the year, anything with Boss should be high on the list, but Boss and Anthony always EPIC!
Carlo and Anthony have an undeniable connection. Love their scenes together.
Once again, Anthony and Carlo are so hot. Carlo's hot body gives it to Anthony good, and the powerful Anthony gives it up good for his Boss.
Anthony is the luckiest guy in the world to be the recipient of the Boss's power and passion. Our privilege is to get to sit back and watch them enjoy each other's bodies in every way imaginable. HOT. HOT, HOT!!!
Carlo's body looks better than ever. Ant gets him really hard. Great camera work and hot, hard fucking. 10/10 Boss performance.
There is nothing like the bond and chemistry that exists between these men! This is not staged. It is 100% real and that makes it all the more HOT! Boss and Anthony keep it coming...you guys are great!
Boss / Anthony what can I say, separately you are both breathtaking, together you leave me at a loss for words. Boss knows how to work a man's ass and knows all the right places to touch with his fingers and that prefect thick cock! The connection between these studs is something to be envied. Boss massages a huge thick load out of his boy Anthony (yum). I would even take the left overs! Right to the end was hot while anthony lay there with his cum all over him, boss just throws himself on top rubbing his body on anthony's and in anthony's cum. I don't think anyone reading this would or could expect anything less. This is a MUST see!
OUTSTANDING!! The camera work, the chemistry, the raw aggression! Another hit!