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Dont' Let The Nice Guy Fool Ya! Matt, the seemingly nice, all American boy next store turned bad at the onset of a boner continues that tradition and his method of operation “MO” in #106.  Those that have followed his films over the years would probably argue his “MO” has become a legacy.  

Prefect 10! How could any one human being be “Blessed” with so much, emerald green eyes, a bright white perfectly straight toothpaste commercial smile, a body that is always on point and an 8 inch dick, that I have described before, as a medical instrument perfectly curved to massage a man’s prostate.  A true alpha-male who doesn’t have to remind you or himself that he is.  None of this was lost on Jared when he begs Matt to fuck him and throughout can be heard saying "This feels so good."

Add Another to The List! But just in case you have forgotten, Matt will remind you in #106 Matt Slams Jared.  Matt takes full control and literally owns Jared’s ass in this film.  The night starts with me mixing up some famous “Boss Martini’s” to loosen things up, then it is all Matt has he slowly ramps himself up from having his body and cock worshiped to taking what he wants.  Matt “Slams” Jared in a number of positions "Raw" before giving him a mouthful and face full of something else Matt has become a legend for, his massive power cum shot.

This is a must see for Matt fans who have watched any other of the others in the Matt Slams / Matt Pounds hardcore fuck films.

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For others in the series see below, for Matt’s entire film resume from his classics to his hottest worship scenes and fuck films see his Photo and Film Portfolio.

Note: Jared presented us with papers of a healthy blood test before Matt went balls deep bareback in this film.  We have known Jared for a while and know his habits, but are also careful and safe as you should be too.

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Comments: 2

Another awesome movie from Carlo and Matt. What can I say !!! you guys are incredible. It's raw verbal dominant. Matt is the ultimate alpha besides being the most polite & classiest guy out there. Great fuck action with huge hot jizz cum shot ever Worth every pennies ...
God DAMN! Matt, you know how to fuck! I love your style, such an adorable almost innocent well mannered guy, then you transform into this sex stud alpha animal. Another winner, you and Boss are the best would love to see you guys tag someone. I would also encourage anyone to book some live cam time with Matt or Carlo, even both at privatereddoor.com. Have done solo cams with each and one with them together, it just doesn't get any better. I recommend anyone to not just rent this one, buy it as lifetime. Its a must see and a keeper!