#103 Mind Fuck 2-TTU, Tied, Tortured, Used -

Approx Run Time: 74 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Mind Fuck2 is nothing short of a puppet show with me, Carlo pulling the strings.  Danny and Pete willingly agreed to this 1 Hour plus Boss Cam event; in fact they couldn’t wait for me to organize it.  Just as Hypnotic and erotic as the First Mind Fuck, #85, this one adds new elements as my “Tour D’Force”, the guy pulling the strings.  Watch as I once again use my mind, my presence, my hands, my voice, and at times my dick to manipulate this scene and pull all the right strings at all the right times. The result was a mind fuck of monumental propoertions.  I tied Danny down, blind folded him and never let him know who else was in the room; he just know Pete was there to do what ever I told him to do. I wrapped both these guys minds up so tight and let them uncoil with force that resulted in moments that had Danny squirming, jumping and screaming with pain and pleasure like a hog tide farm animal prepared for slaughter. Danny's mind was fucked with, his body was fucked with used and abuse, just like he hoped and know only I could. 

The Back Story: Danny 23 was first introduced when I mind and body fucked him in the block buster film #85. Movie buyers loved it, Boss fans loved it and Danny loved it.  So the idea of doing a sequel was a no-brainer.  What’s so erotic is the submission without resistance,  a full surrender not by force but by first bringing their minds to a place and then their bodies, an experience enhanced by the unknown.  Danny had no idea what was in store, he had never met Pete before, actually he was never told his name until after.  Pete waited down stairs, while I got into Danny’s head, made me strip to his underwear then blind fold himself.   

Tied: Once Blind Folded, I let Pete in the room, he quietly helped me take Danny’s hands and feet and tie them down.  Pete having filmed with me as a cock sucker as far back as #62 Cock Sucker Academy 2  was already in my control and a seasoned cock sucker to the crew.  All he waited for were my instructions, he began massaging Danny, feeling him up under his underwear, Danny felt vulnerable but was turned on.  I had Pete lay over him and I pushed their heads together and made them make out.  Then had Pete reveal Danny’s 10 inch dick and work it making him moan and squirm with pleasure and fear of not knowing was was going to happen next.  You can see Danny was once again in a trance and I put him there.

Tortured: I handed Pete a pair of scissors and had him cut off Danny’s underwear, still tied down I wanted to push Danny’s limits and see how much he could take.  Pete held Danny’s full on erection as I had him insert the pointy end of the scissors in Danny’s piss slit, cold metal inside his dick Danny had no idea what was inside him.  Then with my help Pete was instructed to slap Danny’s dick until he begged to stop, yank his balls, squeeze them, suck them bite them until he begged to stop.  Danny was so mind fucked he lost erection, until I began to talk to him again and give him a little incentive by allowing him to suck my dick while Pete worked up another one of Danny’s 10 inch boners.

Used: Hard as a rock and ready for more of my commands, Danny had no idea that his boner was going to be used as a live dildo.  I held Danny’s big boner straight up in the air and told Pete to ride it, and ride it he did.  Pete was able to take Brad’s monster cock in #68 and a was torn up by Brad’s 270 pounds of pure muscle.  So I knew that Danny’s 10 inches was going to be a walk in the park. Danny Still tied up and blind folded Pete rode him like a cowboy! Danny was being used, and that turned him on because he was doing it for me. 

Then Their Treat: After that it was time for both their rewards, so I let both kiss my ass, and suck my dick.  They shared everything from under my balls, along my shaft and right up to the head of my dick.  Both slurping on it like 2 dogs licking an ice cream cone treat.  While they were servicing me, the 2 cock suckers had their own discussion and Pete agreed to allow Danny to have my load, of course he swallowed!

The night was over, we were packing up to leave and Danny was still mumbling to himself, "What the fuck just happened" with a big ear to ear smile.  He was exhausted, emotionally and physically and thats the only way to do it!

Suggestion: For the full Mind Fuck experience I would suggest getting #85 Mind Fuck, Boss Claims Danny, this one and that one are both keepers and a great lifetime purchase.  That is if you haven't done so already.

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Comments: 3

HOT! Im with onmyknees below comment, best was how Boss really did get in his head and how Danny's entire body language and attitude changed as soon as he heard Boss's voice (his voice turns me on through my desk top speakers). Awesome flick, I rented it first but going back to get in as a lifetime.
I was hard at the Trailer! Geez that is just amazing how you control things. I think this is up there as one of your hottest films, Danny once again was completely in a trance by you. What was authentic is that while blind folded at moments of intensity he just wanted to hear your voice, and once he did it seemed to give him the power to continue, almost like you were feeding him energy mentally. EROTIC, WELL DONE and didn't expect anything less.
The two bottom boys were extremely hot and did a very nice job. However, the Oscar goes to the Boss' Ass! The scene where Danny and Pete are worshiping the Boss' award winning ass is just over the top hot. Runner up for the hottest scene goes to the part of the video where you get to see the boys sucking the Boss' cock while you can see his huge pecs just lording over them. Awesome video.