#102 Christmas Wish 2014, Home For Christmas Matt Pounds Spencer -

Approx Run Time: 47 Minutes

The Buddy System

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#102 is our 7th annual Christmas Wish film and the first shot “at home” at the Crew Condo.  We had a full stocked bar, a 20 pound rotisserie turkey, sweet potatoes, wine, and the traditional champagne toast.  All the guests did a shot of Patron tequila out of Matt’s abs, Spencer got flipped tossed and pounded by Matt, and someone literally gave birth during filming. Shit happens, we roll with it, keep filming and never stop the action.  See the blog post The Making of Christmas Wish 2014 for the back story, details and additional photos and video.

It's a Party!..Cock suckers Jared and Ronnie get their Christmas Wish to watch a Christmas Wish get filmed, they join Matt, Spencer and myself for cocktails at the bar, and dinner.  Then they enjoy some after dinner dick in the living room as Ronnie drops to suck Spencer and Jared to suck Matt getting them both prepped and ready so Spencer could receive his wish, all 8 inches of Matt and a famous musclematt power cum shot all over his chest and abs. 

Matt Turned it out Again!.. Do I need to say much more, Matt pounds Spencer and that is a Christmas Wish for everyone because everyone loves to see Matt fuck, and he does.  Spencer has many skills as a versatile young college jock and some of those skills are obvious in this film.  After some prepping and stretching with Matt’s fingers, Spencer just tells Matt “Fuck me, I want the real thing!”  That’s all he had to say and Matt was right at it, balls deep first with Spence on his stomach, then his back, then his legs pinned behind his years and kicking the christmas wreath that was hanging on the wall.  Then spread eagle with Matt’s wrists wrapped around Spencer's ankles in a spread any seasoned gymnast would be proud of. Spencer did awesome!  These do have chemestry that works well together!

Christmas wish ends with Spencer covered in his own cum and a whole lotta of Matt’s.

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Comments: 3

this is the partnering that this whole site is about. the way that spencer's bubble ass is built to take matt's cock is beyond a perfect puzzle piece. i really want to see spencer and matt's chemistry develop over multiple scenes. you can tell spencer really wants to let go more and get his mouth over every inch of matt's body. love how you see just a teaser of that when he starts worshipping his nipple and chest while they get their dicks sucked by the cocksuckers. definitely would like to nominate myself to rim spencer out next time, i felt like that was one of the biggest aspects missing from the shoot. he needed that hole rimmed deep so it was wet and adequately ready for matt's breeding. i also hope we see matt and spencer make out, as you can obviously tell they are both into each other. great job, fellas. can't wait to see you guys get to know each other more.
The mark of any good the ed series is that it gets better with each successive entry and "Christmas Wish 2014" is proof of that point. This has to be one of *the* hottest fuck scenes created by the Boss! Matt is looking amazing as always and seems to have added some great muscle size to his already god-like physique. He brings the goods here by throwing his fellow straight bro Spence ~ another muscle stud ~ one hard deep fuck! Matt wastes no time getting Spence's cunt primed first one finger then a few more before he lubes up his easily 9inch prick and shoves it raw right into that tight willing hole. By now the Boss's sensitivity to artistic visuals is a known fact and the way he captures these two straight bros enjoying this session is Top Notch. Among the hottest images is Spence reaching back to pull bubblebutt apart so Matt can get in deeper. What also adds to the maximum intensity of this scenario is the genuine chemistry and verbal exchange between Matt and Spence! So hot to hear things like "tighten your ass around my dick!"; "you wanna fuck more often after this?"; "go inside me deeper!" ...and to know that it is real totally unscripted. Before these studs shoot MASSIVE loads of cum for each other Matt asks Spence if he wants his bare dick up his ass again. Without skipping a beat before squirting his nut, Spence says "yeah!". Somehow ya get the feeling the Boss might be bringing these buddies together again for a repeat post workout fuck session......SOON!
wow! Everything Amazing! You have taken porn and given it class! You know how to do things Boss! The condo looks beautiful and the perfect back drop for such beautiful men, men blessed with bodies good looks and talent. Anthony did an outstanding job on the decorations and Matt did an outstanding job on giving Spencer a Christmas pounding. Good food, good drinks, hot men, beautiful place and incredible sex! What else could one want for Christmas! Thanks for doing it Boss, and thanks for inviting us in through your camera. Happy Holidays to my favorite muscle men!