#101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 97


Boss Magic in action!  I pull together all my talents in this one, the filming and manipulation of The Boss Cam and the manipulation of Anthony’s mind and body.  #85 Mind Fuck Boss Claims Danny flew off the charts when it was released, and so did #93 Pump and Dump, Carlo Fucks Brad both being HOT LISTED fast was justified.  But This one is in a class of its own, its not me getting in the head of a cock sucker, he is another crew member but unlike what took place with Brad and I over a period of time this happened fast because once Anthony spoke to me, then spent time with me he knew what he wanted.   

Mind Bending..This was when Anthony first joined The Crew, part of his 3 day weekend shoot with me split into 2 parts and 2 films.  Part 1 of Anthony’s weekend was #89 Locker Room Blow Job, Pete’s Nose Bleed, a best seller; this is part 2! #101 Anthony’s Baptism is the night I, The Boss, claimed Anthony.  Another erotic mind bending seduction of someone who is usually an aggressive alpha male himself but has been on the look out for the right Ultimate Alpha Male to take him.  I knew that, and by the time this was shot I was willing to make that happen; something that doesn’t happen to just anyone.

What was ultimately was captured was a ceremony of initiation, his baptism a life changing blessed event.  Something he admits he always thought about but put on the back burner because he just didn’t think it existed anywhere but in his own mind, and that is the mind bending, mind fucking experience! (see Blog Post) 

Two Words:   

1: INTENSE: Anthony and I are like a match and a gasoline spill, it can be explosive. 

2: PURE! You witness an absolute metamorphosis of a an alpha-male being lured mentally and physically to a place he always wanted to go; its biblical if you know how to do it and I do; a baptism not of a child but of a grown man who has made a deliberate choice.  This is when an old way of life dies and a new way of life is born.   Anthony’s willingness and need to be taken was raw, unadulterated …. Pure; proven by his shortness of breath, belabored breathing, intense sweating, shaking and the great pain he suffered knowing that it would lead to great pleasure.  Watch his eyes, there is a change in his eyes, a hypnotic trance, these are things you can’t fake and had this night not been captured on film as it was, can’t be duplicated!

What a Scene / What a Bond..a fierce and fiery wrestling match of my body and his covered in sweat.  Bodies built in a gym for power and strength, 2 buddies that have worked out together and experienced the intensity of a productive body changing experiecne and developed a trust and a bond.  So fierce at times we had to stop filming several times to adjust his mask that was not only stained with sweat but at times kept moving if not even getting pulled off in the struggle.  

Scream! Anthony just let his mind and body go to a hardcore, toe curling place, he couldn’t contain the screams of pain and pleasure as my thick hard-on kept hitting his prostate, so loud in fact it drown out me cumming right in his ass, which was during the loudest of screams as he felt my load pumping in his ass.   

Fast Forward..Since then, other Boss and Anthony scenes have been filmed for future release and others seen live as paid Boss Cam Live Blessed Events.   More are scheduled, more are being filmed.  I have trained, molded and groomed Anthony not only in the gym but to be a best selling aggressive crew member and to submit only to me when I give the command. 

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Comments: 25

If I had to say what was the difference between these two incredible Alpha sexgods at this moment in their lives, I'd say that Anthony was in the process of BECOMING a Man while Carlo IS a Man. We're seeing so many things at the same time: hot mansex of course, but an almost sacred mentoring that lifts Anthony into a different understanding of himself, just like the Boss knew it would. That's gotta be why, early in the fuck when Ant was in pain, Carlo persisted, insisted. Because he knew where Anthony needed to go. I'm more impressed with every viewing.
Wow Anthony really laid out himself for this one. He’s so hot becoming all submissive for the boss as he gets mindfucked. Love the way his usual Alpha self crumbles when he’s with Boss. Have him back again please.
Of them all, this is the hottest video! The Boss just keeps hypnotizing, then starts dishing it out and necer lets up. Anthony driven crazy (making him a superstid in my book), and the endless sweaty displays of two mega-hot torsos--abs, pecs, bi's--straining together for more and more and more just nails me. Fo sexier men exist?
Braaaaaaaaah. The way Boss just mind fucked Anthony was out of this world. Like goddamn Carlo got it like that? All that deep breathing and tongue kissing. Jesus. I wonder if Matt will ever get this treatment?!
I could watch the two of you all day! Awesome chemistry.
Anthony is one of the absolute best on this site. Paired with the Boss this movie is insanely hot. Keep up the great work!
one hot unexpected scene!!!!!! you both were great and the bond between you is incredible. better than i thought it would be!!!!! need more of you.
Another viewing of this HOT film and you can't help butnotice and marvel at the Boss's magic, his bond with Anthony and the hunger that this straight bro (Anthony) has for submitting his body and mind to the sexy hunk Carlo (the Boss) who takes his ass good and hard! This is a must see AND a must own. Bring on more scenes with the Boss and his boy!
When I signed up I knew that the first movie I was going to watch would be one of Brads. I had seen demo clips of him when he first started with the Mafia. And knew that I couldn't resist my eyes the pleasure of a strong, confident and beautifully sculptured man. However it wasn't meant to be. I activated the movie but couldn't watch it because I needed special viewing rights. So instead I just started reading the bios of the other movies . Thats when I came across Anthony and The Boss. So when The Boss contacted me, apologised for the delay and generously refunded my Boss bucks, I knew I had to change the movie I watched first. AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! The way that Anthony just let go of all his inhibitions and had complete obedience in The Boss, is a moment that everyone NEEDS to share! Being man enough to know what you want, publicly admit it and then submit to it is a thing of beauty! And lead to a hot, sweat filled, sexual rollacoaster! I couldn't take my eyes off Anthony. The way he reacted with every thrust, the way he showed his appreciation by wanting to please The Boss, the way just put all his trust in him and just let go. Anthony, you are a perfect example of a Stray. Confidently knowing what you want and still maintaining your masculinity. I look forward to many, many great things to come from you. And Brad, don't worry! Your movie's next !
What can I say, what a great pair and movie, what made it better was the raw heat and passion that Anthony had for the Boss, the best part was when the Boss and Anthony tried pashing for the first time VERY HOT!!!!!, definitely in my Lifetime playlist!!!! Well Done boys and hopefully you will have more of the Boss and Anthony together or get another straight guy worshipping The Boss!!!!.
hot! damn!
I definitely want to watch this :) Carlo is the ULTIMATE Muscle God !
Wow!!!! JddiJP...yours is a great review of this awesome video. I have watched multiple times as well. I think that scenes with the Boss ~ sexy alpha stud that he is ~ and his Boy, muscle hunk Anthony, will be in high demand. I can't wait cor the next scene with these two!
You have to figure when an alpha stud like Anthony decided to bottom he is only going to do it for an alpha among alphas – enter the Boss who easily steps into that role. Its clear the Boss really likes Anthony because he kisses him a couple of times. I like the tough side of the Boss so the kissing didn’t do much for me, but in short order the Boss redirects Anthony down to his cock. (My favorite Boss videos are when he asks some twink “You okay man?” while simultaneously gagging the kid with his cock”.) About 20 minutes into the video Boss pretty much has Anthony begging to be taken. Around 25 minutes into the video the Boss is calling Anthony “tough guy” while at the same time he is loosening up Anthony’s hole with his finger – awesome dialogue. Anthony’s hole looks like it has rarely – if even – been violated. It takes Boss awhile to actually get inside him. Once the Boss gets inside him it is clear that Anthony is fucking hurting but the Boss talks him into accepting the fact that he now has a fucking huge cock up his hot ass and it is going to be in him for awhile. There is a scene were the Boss is pounding Anthony and Anthony huge calves are wrapped around the Boss’s head for dear life. The same scene shows the Boss’s forearms in all their glory. After a while the Boss decides that the training wheels are off and he starts pounding on Anthony with all his might. Toward the end the Boss repositions Anthony on the bed and keeps pounding him. Anthony is clearly physically and psychological overwhelmed. The Boss tries to calm him down while continuing to pound him at the same time – more great dialogue. Overall – another great video. I decided to buy it instead of rent it, which was good idea because you will likely take care of business well before the video ends and you’ll have to go back another night to watch the rest of the video.
Hey there Anthony: it is AWESOME that you are willing to take time out to communicate with us! You are looking fantastic and your dedication to the community which the Boss has created is great. I am sure I speak for a lot of bros who have witnessed you here when I say that what you have to offer ~ 110% ~ is smoking HOT. It is also great to see the natural and intense bond that you share with the Boss. You "Italian Stallions" have something real special and genuine. Definitely appreciating the way you and the Boss are able to share that intensity with us in new scenarios and live cams. If Scene #101 is any indicator, you and the Boss are gonna be scorching up a lot of screens with your HOT magnetism. Gotta say bro watching you suck the Boss's massive prick and offer your muscle body is mind blowing. You really are the "Boss's Boy" in the best way. And we are lucky to have the chance to see it. This is the awesome thing about the MuscleMafia ~ straight guys who are into women but having the trust and freedom to explore the bounds of male sexuality...as Carlo puts it "STR-AY" ...when the right bro comes along. So AWESOME!
Hey guys, Anthony here! Just wanted to drop in and thank you for all the comments. The crew definitely sees them and us guys appreciate the kind words. It means a lot to us that you enjoy watching us and motivates us to push even harder for you. Filming 101 was definitely an incredible experience that I and even Carlo weren't expecting until it was playing out before the cameras. What you guys see is the 100% raw connection and instant bond created between Carlo and myself and what was truly an outer body experience for me, a moment where my body was completely given to Carlo and my mind was just along for the ride, watching it unfold before me just as you guys get to. It was the start of a beautiful friendship that has lead to some intense workouts, awesome laughs, a shitload of trouble, and mind blowing hot situations that have played out in some films you are going to see and in private live events we have been performing. So keep an eye out because it will only get better from here! Keep the kind words coming. Thanks again guys!
Yes, the chemistry is definitely felt even in the clips that are posted for the live cam you can see it and feel it. Anthony is a beautiful man and I don't think there is a word in the english language to properly describe Carlo. Body, brains, integrity, an astute business man, powerful presence, powerful voice and attitude but a very tender side to him that just makes you melt. I have, I know others have and Anthony clearly has. Always loved his scenes with Brad, very hot and encourage more but this is something on a different level and I am so grateful they are sharing this with us all. I wonder who is next for The Boss I'm sure he has offers and certain he can chose at will. Just watched this again, outstanding each time.
I've been waiting for this since Anthony first appeared on the site. The chemistry between Anthony and the Boss has been palpable from day one. In a busy house here, gonna buy and watch this tonight once everyone's gone to bed and I can enjoy it without interruption :D
total mind fuck! i got mind fucked!
Carlo: Again and again ...proof that you are the epitome of Alpha-ness. A stud so masculine as Anthony, whom I worship like mad....must give in to the only man who is his superior This is the beta's need for the true Alpha, and not many find that truth. Except here and now.
There are some pivotal segments in this scene that are ~ to coin the term ~ iconic The first is the moment when Anthony tells the Boss "I want you to take me". The next is the point at which these two incredibly muscular straight guys begin a passionate kiss that is at the same time animalistic and tender ~ the kind of interaction that is comes from extreme trust. The third is during the awesome fuck which the Boss throws into Anthony's jock pussy: Anthony's massive legs are wide apart and the Boss's prick is balls deep inside his cunt. Suddenly the Boss ~ taking further control ~ grabs Anthony's engorged cock and says "let's get you off" Without missing a beat of his hard fuck rhythm, he jacks Anthony off and also blows huge wads of his own cum into his boy's willing hole. But above all else this scene is iconic because it reveals more fully the Boss's magic ~ his charisma ~ and the very special bond he has with Anthony. It is palpable...and can't be denied...and is a hot and beautiful result of the MuscleMafia
Biiigstud! I am with you on all of that and I am putting my first request in for more of these 2 animals. This is one of the most incredible masculine fucks I have ever scene! Ultimate Alpha-Male, Boss what ever you call him it all fits and I agree Anthony's body again Carlo's is a feast for the eyes to see!
If there was ever a scene for Lifetime ownership this is the one. I have been a fan of Anthony since his fief appearance in Scenario #89 where he made Pete his cocksucking bitch and began exploring his potential role as Carlo/the Boss's boy. This straight stud with a body that won't quit flexed and strutted then opened his mouth wide to take the Boss's massive penis deep and to drain the huge wad of cum out of the Boss's nutsac. The Boss was already my hero by creating this community and in this scene he further confirms that status by taking his ownership of Anthony to the next level! That Anthony gives 110% is an understatement! Here he gives in to his passion, admiration and respect for the Boss in a way that surprises even him. The muscle worship, the cocksucking, the armpit licking and finally opening his man cunt willingly to his stud mentor is aura literally off the charts. If you want to see how men really FUCK and how a stud becomes Boss's boy this is the scene to watch! There is no doubt that there will be requests for more interaction between the Boss and his boy ~ with VERY good reason
Carlo you can fuck! Anthony is one hot dude, but he just melted in your hands and your arms like chocolate on a hot summer day. You not only claimed him you took him to places he never went and will never go unless they are with you. Very HOT HOT HOT! I think of all porn I have seen your stuff is hands down my favorite but of all yours this ranks up there with my MOST favorite in your catalog. Anthony said it in the beginning, something about Carlo! Damn, excellent film and you have to be in some freaking shape to fuck like that and hold and work a camera, you never cease to amaze me boss carlo!