#100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem -

Approx Run Time: 58 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 93


The Title couldn’t be more appropriate!  Matt, Brad and “D” team up to fulfill a request by John, a very generous loyal Muscle Fund supporter to just be used hard, abused hard, slapped around, pissed all over and somewhere in between all that suck dick and swallow a couple Muscle Mafia Loads; Mission complete!

#100 is a mile stone film for us, we are now officially in the 3 digits.  Without realizing it, #100 became a hybrid of some of our very best sellers and “Hot” most watched films, #82 Switch!, #79 Christmas Wish Bruise, Use, Bong and Bang! and the scene in #64 where the cock sucker was all tweaked out on something funky; if you remember I threw him out of the room. #100 has all the elements that made each of those films a best seller wrapped up into 1.  In my opinion #100 gets a perfect score of 100! 

Complete Mayhem is what it became, a very mild mannered, nice guy and a gentleman went a bit too far with an addiction to Vodka, Piss and what I now know to be called “Poppers”.  This combination colliding with the high and excitement of his just knowing this was actually happening caused a very interesting reaction and some funny, but disturbing behavior.  This one will make you laugh, I was laughing out loud editing this and even the next day laughed at some scenes.

It begins with a Boss Bong all 3 in a shower stall with John laying flat out on the shower floor with the hose end of the bong in his mouth and funnel part collecting gallons of piss as all 3 guys emptied out into his mouth, all over him and all over his face.  After he showered, they just used and abuse his mouth with their cocks, threw him around, slapped him silly, pissed on him again and came all over his face and mouth; John was more than happy.

Even I got in on some of the mayhem from the other side of the camera, saying things to John and throwing out orders and directions to the crew.  A few times I abused him myself and made myself laugh at some of the things I did and don’t even remember until I see the footage again.

This is definitely going to be a block buster, best seller and a sure to make the “Hot” list.  

NOTE:  1: I don’t like anything on my set other than drinks, John brought the poppers on his own and at first was sneaking sniffs until between that and the vodka he was just inhaling it right there on camera. 


NOTE 2: The following day John and I spoke again and he was back to his low key, sweet self and I urged him to get that under control, and he has!  He is grateful to me for my bold honesty, but I couldn’t see that and not say anything. 

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Comments: 22

The guy clearly needs help. I hope that guy got the help he deserves. Nice video.
well damn NohoDude! (laughing) you were brutal on the guy. But yes it was a train wreck and named complete mayhem for a reason. In his defense, there is an entire "after story" where I encouraged John to get some help for what I felt was an alcohol problem, he did and thanked me a while after this film was shot. John is actually a gentleman, a good guy that I think was so over whelmed by the entire experience and so excited. But it made for another one of our most favorite films, a block buster best seller and another great story to tell among so many other films. But this is the beauty of what we do, we film reality, real, raw, unscripted which means we get situations on film that you just can't make up! Keep the reviews coming!
I'm sure a lot of guys thought this was hot but it didn't do it for me. The guys were fucking awesome as usual but that pasty-assed whiney milktoast piece of shit was NOT worthy of being invited to sub out for the guys. His marshmallow body and freaky personality skeeved me out. I'm glad the guys treated him like shit but he did not deserve the honor of their abuse.
Hunkydory! It wasn't left out he just didn't get that lucky! You saw the shape he was in would you fuck him? (smile) Come on now, but there are plenty of fuck films when and if we wanted to take someone. Love the comments! Keep 'em coming.
Damn this was hot. Why no fucking though. Felt a major piece of action was left out.
now that is a hot video..... the first video I watched after becoming a vip.... guy was a bit out of it but wow those guys were rough
how wonderful I would like to be in the place of the submissive
Hot video love the domination cum and piss
Can you guys do a Spit gangbang where you have a sub swallow a cup of spit from a group of muscle studs? I'm a big fan of your site.
Hot. As. Fuck.
this is the hottest scene ever! love to see piss and cum swallowed
when Brad, Matt, and D all started pissing into the Boss Bong at the same time, I shot my load instantly. I wish John had been able to take it all. If I ever have that opportunity, not a drop will be wasted. I'll sit there quietly while I take it all. Great vid!
Thanks BiigStud! When your inspired...your inspired! Your comments aren't too shabby either!
Hey there RobbyRob...your reviews and comments are really AWESOME!!!! I have liked reading them
Thank you Carlo for responding to my first comment...what an honor! Now..onto business...BUY THIS MOVIE...NOW...PRONTO...STAT!!! What a way to honor 100 movies! I busted my load 3/4 of the way through. When you have a guy like John be totally uninhibited and expressing what turns him on paired with 3 Muscle Mafia pro's...it's magic. So far...no spoilers from me but you just have to experience everything this movie has. The piss was phenomenal and the mafia just let it flow like the Mississippi! Favorite moment so far? When Brad threw John on the bed and gave him some ass slaps that I've been praying Muscle Mafia would get into. Face/head slaps galore...Brad was truly in his element there. Would have loved them lifting their masks a bit to spit on John's face but we have 100 more to see that. $72 is LOT of money...this is the pinnacle of this site....and I've seen some great movies here. You will NOT be let down or feel short changed. My advice? Build yourselves up when you watch this for a few days...your orgasm will be mind blowing!
Robbyrob, I love that term Alpha Gold! I may need to add it to the glossary of muscle mafia terms on the tour page! I feel the gratitude from you buddy, and many others who have left comments and send emails. That gratitude comes right back to you from me especially but the crew as well. They do read these! Thank You for all the support and encouragement, believe me it keeps us going!
I agree with RobbyRob wholeheartedly! What did we do before the Boss/Carlo came along and created the MuscleMafia? Thanks Boss for understanding us ALL- muscle studs and the cocksuckers who worship us - and creating a place where we can be who we are without judgment or pretense. You've done a great thing!
The Boss and his cadre of muscle gods encounter a willing and hungry man who has made the decision to own his place as subservient to the commands of men who have honed their minds and bodies to perfection. This is a "must see" without a doubt! In this film the essence of Muscle Mafia is seen at its core: a submissive guy takes what he is given and learns a lesson on how to be a true whore for a muscular man's cock, piss and sperm. There is no degradation here. This is a willing acceptance of a cocksucker who knows he is in a safe space to let his fantasy of drinking muscle cum from THREE studs be a reality. The Boss's talent and drive in filming and guiding his studs makes #100 a sure to be known classic!
I will be ordering this movie over the weekend...after I go to the bank! THIS, THIS, THIS is the type of movie WORTH a lifetime of $72 Don't get me wrong, Carlo's movies are all worth their weight in Alpha Gold but I must pick and choose my Lifetimes. John may have needed some incentives for his behavior to be so open, but some of us do not...no judging here...I would just be myself and be wanting to experience all those Muscle Gods in full natural glory. To me...all that muscle, attitude, dick, and Greek God beauty is the HIGH for me. Thank Goodness it was filmed...imagine if John forgot everything! Thank you Carlo for doing a film that makes me want to give you the Lifetime fee without any hesitation. Keep these coming and my wallet will be always open! Happy Thanksgiving to you Carlo and your crew...I'm thankful you guys get ME, us....and all the future guys who just stare at you guys a tad longer....and not just over how long your using the workout equipment or admiring your clothes because they like them....they like them on YOU. That's what I'm thankful for...BRAVO...and I haven't even seen it yet!
A must see, no one makes films like this. I think he was high on sniffing all that testosterone in one room, I would be! Boss you are not only a genius, and one of the most beautiful men on the internet, but you are one funny guy too..what a personality. Nice to just see your hand come in the shot and hear your voice calling out orders and passing some side splitting remarks.
John!!! It's Carlo..Be proud you made some damn good film my man! Worthy of such a milestone in Muscle Mafia history, #100! We hit 3 digits and you kicked it off. Personally I found this one to be one of the top on my list to film and to jump in on some action while filming. I laughed out loud during editing and I think over everyone got what they came for! In my eyes it's a success and based on sales in the first few hours, looks that way! Let's see..Again my gratitude for all your contributions on and off film.
Well I am the not so proud "star" of this video. Admittedly, I was a mess and learned a lesson. Never the less, I did my job taking piss and sucking cock. These guys are gods.