#1 Matt Classic: Matt's Premiere, Home Alone With Matt -

Approx Run Time: 37 Minutes

The Buddy System

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The making of a legend! This is Matt’s premiere moive, the one the kicked this entire organization off.  When it was first released on DVD we didn't even have an official website and our other buddies didn't have the guts to go on camera yet.  Matt was the trailblazer; everyone after him has had, and still has a hard act to follow. 

Back Story / True Story... Matt and I (Carlo) tag team fucked this girl Cathy, while Matt was fucking he said to her, "Im a big shooter, wanna see?" He pulled out, pulled off the rubber and blasted this chick all over starting at her stomach, all over her tits and right to her face and hair.  She was stunned, and so was I.  On the way home he and I laughed about the night's events and I told him that was a porn star cum shot, we should film that! We did, DVD #1 Home Alone with Matt was made and released and was an instant hit!  A legend was made and the world's first preview of The Muscle Mafia and all that we stand for was introduced to the world for the first time.  

This is the full DVD from start to finish, two scenes one kicking back on the sofa, Matt shows off his 8 inches and then for the first time ever on film gives himself a cum bath that shoots over his own head, onto his chest and pools in his deep ripped abs.  The second scene was shot late night after a party we went to, filmed about 2 am from his bed.  Again, putting his 8 inch raging hard cock on display and then getting up on his knees to fire a load across the bed, onto a black sheet. 

He delivered and the rest is history.  To this day, Matt’s cum shots drive muscle worshippers crazy with a waiting list of requests for a blessing from Matt, a facial, a cum bath or a cum feeding, any one or all three. 

See #11, Matt Worshipped and Seduced, The First Blessing, to watch the scene and the first lucky bastard to receive a Blessing from Matt.

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Comments: 4

I just joined this site, and after looking around for a bit, I decided it might be interesting to watch the videos on here in order, so of course that means starting with this video. This is not the first video from this site I have watched, and it's kind of cool to see where things started (the cum shot heard 'round the world, so to speak). What I like about this video, and this site in general, is the amateur feel. It doesn't have the cheesy plotlines, the forced dialogue, and the bad acting typical of major porn companies. Sure, some companies may do a better job than others at recreating a fantasy, but what makes this site different is how it cuts right to the chase. There's no dialogue between a "plumber" and their "customer" talking about laying pipe as inuendo for what they're actually about to get up to, instead you just get some unscripted guys in a room who just get right into it. It's clear right away that this is an early video. For one thing, Matt isn't wearing one of the luchador masks that later become iconic for this site, though his face is still (mostly) kept out of camera view. And though this site may have gone through changes over time, keeping the guys anonymous is something that was continued, and to good effect. Though it may be a very simple mechanic, the anonymity is actually one of the biggest draws this site has for me. These guys keep their faces covered, so for all you know, they could be the delivery guy you'd like to invite in for an extra tip, the muscular guy at the gym you have trouble looking away from, or the guy you pass on the street who sends your mind places. As the official description says, this is the first time Matt and Carlo tried filming anything, so it's a pretty simple video (which is not a bad thing). Solo jerk-off videos are not really my go-to, though I do enjoy them when I'm in the right mood, and if you're in the mood, you can't go wrong with Matt and his large muscles, his huge loads, and his sexy voice.
This is one of the first I saw of Matt, had to watch it again, so hot, incredible cum shooting.
It was awesome to see the first scenes. Matt is such a god. I would love to worship that body and ooooo that cock and lick that hole.
Lol, its raining Matt hallelujah. mmmm those amazing Matt puddles.