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Ben, a self professed "nerd" (his words not mine) who says he took up working out to build confidence and bring him out of his shell. Now admits that now that his body is getting attention he wants to break further out of his shell and use The Muscle Mafia and my coaching to do it. He has found by submitting video and seeing himself and the attention he is getting has changed his view of himself which has helped his confidence in everything he does. Frankly that is not the first time I heard that here, ask Brad, and you see where it has taken him. Read on...

Ben is the first to represent Chicago! Here is a kid who has emailed me over the years expressing how The Muscle Mafia has made him feel normal and not so bad about his “secret” fantasies. I always appreciated hearing from him, his emails were always positive, some suggestions he had were constructive and that’s why when he read about You Produce and wanted to submit some photos I encouraged him to do that. However, not knowing what he looked like I had to see him first of course.

Ben is perfect for this set up. He has never posted a photo of himself anywhere and likes his privacy, but was compelled to step out of his comfort zone and put his body and dick out on display. He admits that sending me photos and video, knowing he will be seen within the perimeters of our code of silence helps motivate him in the gym.

When I saw Ben’s nudes and his ass shots I told him he would be foolish not to have a place here on the site. Then I saw his first cum shot and jerk off video, this dude needs to be seen, end of story. So, like the others, he and I have been communicating by text as he also submits photos and videos. I have seen progress in his body and progress in his comfort level, frankly Ben is getting more comfortable with himself, his sexuality and as a result liking himself much better.

If done right, this is not only fun, but as proven many times before, if you have the right support community you can trust, it’s therapy, actually improves self esteem and how you look at yourself.

You will see Ben's personal and private cock shows and cum shots as he makes more submission to the You Produce Category. Glad to have met him, and even happier to have him showing himself off here.

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