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We gave Tommy the nick-name of "Meat" he is packing 9+ and thick and when he bangs it on a cock sucker's face, it definitely sounds like he was slapped across the face with a side of beef! How would I describe Tommy? Well, I will put it this way, a rough around the edges New Yorker, non-pretentious, no fan fair and right to the point. Tommy is certainly a character. But rather than me trying to give you an over-view, I think Tommy does much better than I ever could in a profile that he posted for an online dating site. He sent me that link so that I could see what his body looked like before we met for his test shoot.

Here is a shortened version of what he wrote, (you’ll get the point) now remember these are his words not mine but pretty much sums it up:

In His Own Words: I am 27 years old, average IQ, never finished College, am what you call a blue collar union worker and a gym rat! I carry heavy slabs of meat off the trucks into supermarkets. I have no intellectual, cultural, or artistic interests, and I'm not what you'd call "deep." My only interests are pumping iron, looking in the mirror, and sex. When I'm not working or working out, I just hang out, watch sports and wrestling. But the gym is my second home, and when I'm there, it's serious business; I pump iron, do extreme cardio until I'm about ready to drop, and follow a strict diet. I don’t do drugs, never tried steroids and built my body naturally. I figured that I'd never be able to get a girl with my brains, and I am not rich so I'd have to have a great body. That usually gets me in the door, and before the woman even figures out I'm no scholar, we've already had wild sex. I mean, no one discusses quantum theories of gravitation, or the meaning of life during orgasm.

I'm looking for a single, non-smoking, and total knockout with a body to die for, for all-night passionate horizontal cardio sessions. If you're a Mensa and a Rhodes scholar with a PhD in molecular biology or nuclear physics, I don't give a shit. The less we talk, the better, but talking is not what you will want to do, you will definitely scream when I am inside you. I am lacking in any semblance of manners, sophistication, and class. And I know that even women of your class like an occasional dumb boy-toy muscle hunk as a diversion and trophy. But if you're dumb, that's OK, too, just be hot and willing to have all night long sweaty sex. So if you're interested, tell me a little bit about yourself (but keep it simple), and send a recent representation of your likeness. Ciao.

As you can read in his own words, Tommy is definitely a character, He was one of those guys that said “No fucking way you getting me to do that shit for a DUDE!” until his photos were seen and offers came in. Then his song and dance changed a little. Like a true cocky alpha-male he saw the value in being straight, hung and arrogant and with just a little time to grasp the concept of what we do here, he “got it” and was on board. Frankly I thought he was going to loose his mind when he began filming. You will see how he handles that, what he does and how he evolves. He is still a hard egg to crack but he is loving the attention.

#51 Tommy Worshipped and Seduced, A whole lotta Tequila is a big hit and it couldn’t get any more authentic; which is what we do here.

See his movie resume below.

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