Kyle is 6’2” tall, 230 pounds of solid quality muscle, dark hair blue eyes and size 13 feet for our foot fans!  Kyle came to us through a long time follower who, with the eye of an eagle spotted him and asked The Boss’s permission to give him the website and my contact information.  Unknown to me, Kyle spent several months watching the site and reading the Blog before we actually spoke early summer 2012.
For more back story on how Kyle got here see his blog post (Creating Kyle).  Also check out his photo album to the left I am certain you will agree with my initial instinct that first Kyle deserved a chance at being a part of The Muscle Mafia and I know as time goes on and his movies are released you will agree with my second decision, that Kyle deserves a spot as one of the few made men of The Muscle Mafia that get to be close to me, The Boss; a featured Crew Member!

Kyle has his own look and his own personality,  he is a bit more like Matt in that he is low key and that all American college jock.  Unlike Brad and myself who I might describe more like a guided missile you can hear and see coming for miles, Kyle is my “Stealth Bomber” someone who can catch a cock sucker off guard and gracefully obliterate him before he even knows what’s happening.  He is large, strong, but  covert; he is again like Matt, that hit man who will distract you with his smile and brightly colored eyes, offer you something to drink and an engaging conversation, then when you are relaxed and unsuspecting, slam you down on the table and face fuck you until you choke on a load.  Kyle like Matt, Brad and Adam, before him has the potential of being in that category of one of The Boss’s pride and joy!  Watch as he evolves; watch as he carves his place as a Featured Crew Member.

Be careful what you wish for, like it or not Kyle you are in the Mafia now and once I work my magic, you will have no choice but to be a top earner I personally won’t settle for anything less for this guy. In the last few months getting to know Kyle I can say he is a class act, someone who under any other circumstances I would have as a friend, someone who possesses true ambition, dedication, patience but most of all trust and loyalty; all characteristics that are just as important to me in a featured guy  as their body and film presence!

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