King Dong

Derek, one of those guys I would fist bump and say hello to in the gym night after night. We would exchange compliments, diet and workout tips. Myself and the other guys in the gym called him “Big D”, because its not only appropriate, it’s accurate.

While getting to know him and see him for almost a year, my 6th sense was heightened, that gut feeling or better known as “Boss Radar”. That internal private alarm that goes off when I have contact with someone who I know is one of those rare unique breeds that should be here and part of The Crew. I thought, this guy could make a small fortune as part of my organization. Along with the financial possibilities, he would benefit from the side perks, fun and extreme ego and motivational boosts our followers could give him.

As time passed, an opportunity presented itself and I kicked into Boss Mode. During several conversation I ran through my mental list of questions with Derek, qualifying him first without him even knowing it before I finally presented him with an opportunity.

Derek became a crew member, a part of the brotherhood. Like Matt, Brad, Adam, Anthony, Brandon and others, a bonding trusting friendship developed.

6’2” Tall, 215 pounds of solid muscle and growing (28 inches waist), size 12.5 feet and a cock size that earned him the appropriate name of “King Dong”, a name he coined for himself and has been able to back-up and live up to in all his films.

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Personal message from King Dong

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