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California Chris is another guy who was specifically “Boss Chosen”. He is a prime example of why this organization exists and a further example of why I created the concept of “You Produce”. An Outstanding body, a big dick, an over-all good looking good guy who wants to show off, be seen but no outlet he felt comfortable enough to actually go through with it. Then he found us and reached out to me.

One email from Chris with his description, some stats, and a couple photos and a brief back story about him and my immediate response was “My man you belong here”. So here he is.

6’0”, 185 pounds, size 11 feet, 30 waist, shaved head, dark brown eyes! Chris is a clean cut, ambitious guy laser focused on keeping his body it prime show off condition, he is shredded! He and I have been talking for a while, kicking around ideas, I have been coaching and directing his films and he has come through with a catalog of seriously off-the-hook videos. Now he is taking the ball and running with it himself and “producing” some great stuff for his profile here. Every inch of Chris is worthy of admiration and worship, he stands out for me and someone I think could set the bar for many categories here, including that of “Boss’s Boy”.

Obvious by his name he lives in California, a simple plane ride will get him out here (which is in the works). But until then, through technology, video, and the You Produce set up, Chris and I can collaborate so he can be "Crew Too" and remain part of the crew as long as he wants.

I am sure when you look at his films they will speak for themselves. There is nothing I can say more than what Chris says for himself on camera, in his own words and by his own actions inspired by his own massive boner.

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Carlo Creating a Monster

Look for more of his movies, coming in "You Produce"

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