To Call Billy a Champ is an understatement; our bud is hung, hot, horny, willing, open. He is a power top, power bottom, can take anything we dish out, any size cock any where we wanna put it and wants more!

What can we say about Billy that is not said through his photos and movies here. Billy is adored by our site visitors; he is our college jock that has had a long history with us. You have been witness to his transformation on film from a curious shy athlete to a kid that finally gave into his temptation and turn-on to service straight muscle jocks he admires. Website visitors live through Billy as he gets a shot at our newest and most uptight crew members. He plays many college sports, but is studying to be a doctor with a 4.0 dean's list grade point average. He scores just as high here when it comes to sucking, and taking it like a man from our Crew alpha-males. His knowledge and studies of the human body and sports medicine gives him an advantage of knowing just where and how to touch. That is obvious in how he touches many of the crew members and makes them soon forget they first said no to another guys making them cum! He is low-key, trusted, and patient at making the most nervous crew member comfortable during their first time not only being serviced and worshipped but on film.

Billy works with us here on many levels, and remains a featured and loyal part of this well "lubed" machine we have running here.

Watch his movies, witness not only his transformation and versatility but his crafty way of seducing our straight buddies into blowing some toe curling loads.

Keep Billy in mind when it comes to rewards, this guy could not get paid enough for the "service" he provides for our guys. There is much more to see of Billy and his talents. Some weekends, holidays and vacations from school bring him back for future movies and some mind blowing, intense filming.

Foot Lovers: Right down to his big size 13 feet, foot lovers dream and email about having his feet in there face. Billy does not disappoint in a film that even today is popular with Foot fans and college jock fans, #22 Billy Gives Jimmy a Facial. Billy runs on the track, gets his feet, cock and balls sweaty and brings it all to Jimmy the cock sucker we met at the Health Food Store. Billy puts his smelly track sneaker feet, then his cock and then a very big load all over Jimmy’s face.

When I discuss an idea or a new crew member with Billy, his response is usually the same "Sure Bud!, Bring it on Boss!”

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