Adam, 6'2" 230, ink'd solid muscle and became famous for his golf ball size, knee hanging balls. Adam joined the crew in 2006 and has been with us ever since; but not before some careful and patient convincing. Adam and I were friends long before he got in front of my cameras. He was one who was curious to know more but slow on the take until he agreed to a test shoot. But before he went in front of my cameras he was very honest and willing to tell me that his best assets were his biceps, his ass and his big low hanging balls; it's good to know what you are "Blessed" with if you want to become crew. These are the balls the earned him (and rightly so) the nick-name "Adam The Bull" or just "Bull Balls" for short. Hanging those babies out on display lead to muscle fund donations and #34 Garage Stroke and the shower scene where he let his balls swing low and free for the cameras, a scene that still gets attention.

His other films to follow (listed below) also surprised even myself as "shit happened" during filming that showed a side to my long time friend I never knew existed; its amazing what a comfort level, trust, lights, camera and cash will bring out in some. But no one, not even me could have predicted that Adam would go from zero to 90 as he did when he shot #53 Christmas Wish Matt gives and Adam recieves, a block buster best seller at the time of its release and still among the most downloaded today.

Adam, as I said was a friend before he had any part of The Muscle Mafia. I always had great respect for Adam and as I found out through shooting he had great respect and trust for me which is why he felt comfortable shooting with me. Adam has now and will always have a special place with me because I can see Adam in the gym the day after a crazy shoot and he can come up to me, shake my hand and act as if nothing happened; as it should be according to our code of silence. He has mastered the difficult task of separating the 2 worlds of life before The Muscle Mafia and life after, something I hoped would rub off on Brad.

But it was not my friendship with Adam that deserved a spot light, but his growing friendship and sorta bromance with Matt that raised a few eyebrows and inspired many emails to my inbox. Aside from #53 which created a fire storm of talk, there are many other films still in the vault that have not been released that will be that will show a definite chemestry between Matt and Adam that played out literallly in front of our cameras.

We are human, and chemestry is chemestry; the concept of mutual muscle worship is real and it exists. It seems that my concept of letting "shit happen" and filming raw, real and unscripted brought out some sexual tensions and chemestry that naturally paired of Matt and Adam and Brad and myself. It's an interesting ride and its been an interesting couple of years and you have only seen half of it.

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