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Stud Muffins, The Muscle Mafia Special Recipe

Posted on 05/10/11

Muscle milk, stud batter, and our own brand of designer protein, we call "Brotein" is a delicacy, a luxury you can't get anywhere but here. There is more to this then just a fetish, it's a high "Bro-Tein" Testosterone infused snack called stud muffins! I have started another fad among those that follow us, the healt benefits of cum from our healthy crew.

We just wrapped up filming with Me (Carlo), Brad and Adam whipping up a batch of our own special recipe of Muscle Mafia Stud Muffins.  Cock sucker and cum eater Mario who had scenes in DVDs #47 Joey Feeds Mario, 49 Hit Man Chris Skull Fucks Mario, 54 Scene 2 Milking Brad Outdoors, was invited back to be the taster. Mario milked Brad into a jar and froze it for later if you remember in DVD #54, Blessings From Brad. He was not the first to prove my findings that the cum from a healthy jock or bodybuilder has great health benefits but he was definitely one of the first to ask for it by name and to want multiple doses not just for the sexual and submissive reasons but for the proven health benefits of it.  This is all something we have kicked around here, and have gotten email about since the very early days of filming, when we shot the muclematt classic #4 Breakfast of Champions.  Cheerios glazed with Matt's cum were and often still are a requested snack.  


It's starts out as a Bran Muffin We add some basic ingredients
Then we brew up some stud batter  Milk it out, mix it up
Brotein from our studs can be eaten in a number of ways: As long as you have some of the special ingredients milked directly from the nuts of one of our crew you can bake it up in muffins, have it glazed over cherrios or you favorite cereal or just about anything you want, spread it on a cracker, a hamburger or sandwich bud, added to your drink or the most fresh and most preferred natural way is a dose directly from the tap of one of our studs.  Some have even kept it under their tongue for while and just enjoyed it! 
Put it in a pan, and bake!  

We shot this in a very interesting ocean front house in the New York area, a private home owned by a celebrity and a big fan of The Muscle Mafia who will not be using it this summer but offered it to me as a shoot location for this summer.  I cannot say who owns it, but the house has some very interesting history and it's about to get more interesting once we spend some time there this summer.  More about the house in future blog posts!

Adam, Brad and me packed up and drove down to cook up some high protein or in our case (Brotein), and testosterone infused stud muffins.  These are not ordinary muffins, or at least not after we added our own special dose of “Stud” that you can only get here!

We had a little too much fun baking these and then feeding one to Mario who was all too willing to shove not only the “Stud Muffins” but the studs in this recipe Adam and Brad.

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