10 Years

Celebrating musclematt.com and The Muscle Mafia's 10th Year Anniversary Online, November 2012

(From The Muscle Mafia Mansion, never shown before)

 Behind the scenes at the 10 Year Celebration!
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The Mega Hit #82 SWITCH! was filmed the same night.  

Where we've been & Where we're Going: Yes it's been 10 years since the first photo and the first mention of The Muscle Mafia went global via the world wide web! We started with a 1 page free website and a yahoo e-mail with intentions to only make 1 or 2 videos until the word got out that these guys named Matt and Carlo had something different and unique. Our approach and my (Carlo's) philosophy on Muscle Worship, a code of silence, and anonymous identity spread like mad. We filled the void in the industry for authentic muscle worship films, with real guys, real lives but identities to protect. We made this masculine, real and something that other straight or bi-muscle jocks and the guys that want to worship and admire them could relate to; and still do today, 10 years later! I suspect that until men give up sex, egos and their turn-on to unique hot situations they (you) will continue to relate for a long time; so the last 10 years is us just getting started.

Our appeal is that our crew of "Blessed" Muscle Mafia Made Men, could be anyone in any town, in any gym anywhere in the world. We turned the cameras on to expose an underground that has always existed, but the story was never told with authenticity until I / we began to tell it. Matt and I took a huge risk 10 years ago, and it paid off. Anyone or anything that came after us in late 2001 was and still is to this day just a knock-off, a failed imitation attempted by someone, somewhere who was inspired by our first few years.

Although we have made enormous changes and expansions over the last decade one thing has remained the same and constant. I do all the filming, photography and editing, I manage and maintain the web sites, Matt handles customer service and shipping and we both personally receive and answer all our own emails. This is still very closely run by Matt and Myself, and while at times it is over-whelming I keep it that way so that we can maintain the very thing that made us famous in the first place; we were and still are just a few buddies who set out to have a little fun and capture our style of Muscle Worship, real, raw and unscripted on film. So if some updates and releases appear to be slow coming at times, keep in mind we don't have a staff of people here, I am one guy doing the job of 20. It's the only way to maintain our style, our niche and our exclusive content.

We are today a full blown production company with all the tremendous expenses of the big houses, all the expensive cameras, lens', computers and programs. An office full of MACs and PCs, endless digital storage, and all the daily mind blowing responsibilities and hair pulling, key board throwing aggravations as any other major company; however we do it ourselves and we do it because you found something in us you have never found anywhere else and never will. You continue to come back, and you continue to tell your friends and talk about us in your groups, on blogs, message boards and anywhere else you can give us a shout out. You have grown with us, and have played a part in that growth. While there are some who deserve honorable mention for years of support and years of financial support, no one could have done this alone and it is each and every one of you who helped to get us where we are today and it will always be each and every one of you who visit the websites, and each and every one of you who find us for the first time that will take us through the next 10 years and beyond! My heart felt, emotional gratitude to you all.

About This Video: This summer 2012 we had our 10 Year Anniversary party and shoot; a shoot the lasted 14 hours almost non-stop. What you will see in this promotional music trailer are video clips of us that day, along with teases and clips from just some of the movies we filmed since May through just last week, September 2012!

It was shot at the Ocean Front Muscle Mafia Mansion located in an exclusive beach community. This is the first time and possibly the last time The Mansion will be seen on video, but this was a special celebration and it called for a special location and it was my decision to allow a select few, by my invitation only, to come film, photograph, swim, barbecue, drink, drink, did I say drink? and spend the night. In attendance was Keith an incredible new supporter with an interesting story to tell, and he will; also Kyle our latest Crew Member being groomed by "The Boss" to be a featured guy. A celebration wouldn't take place without Matt or Brad, so they were there along with myself and trusted house staff who made sure everyone was taken care of in true Muscle Mafia style. Keith was there to help run some camera's and make sure I, The Boss had nothing else to worry about but being creative, organizing and directing the guys, the lights etc. and getting the shots I needed. Keith this day, represented all of you, because again without his financial help and his physical presence there, some of what we accomplished would not have been possible.

With all of us in one house locked and secluded behind gates the night couldn't end with out a "Bang" a "gang bang" to be specific. We shot a 1 hour film, starring Matt, Kyle and Brad teaming up on a new cock sucker Chez who you meet for the first time in DVD #75, Boss Pounds Chez, a Night to Remember. The film shot during this celebration was released May 31, and its a major hit!  90% of the purchases of this film are the lifetime option!  This mega hit, filmed furing our mega celebration and shoot is #82 SWITCH! Matt, Brad and Kyle Tag Team Pound Chez!  Make sure you are on the mailing list for all the great new releases planned.