#42 Scene 1: David Cranks 1 Out at The Beach House -

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David's First Cock Show...From DVD #42, Scenes from the Beach House; this is David’s solo cum shot.  Cocky, but low key this Italian & Spanish mix is a character for sure and that’s why I liked him!  After some of the crew moved into the beach house that summer we got an email from David wanting to join the crew. His timing was perfect we just started planning shoots and private invite only parties (now Blessed Events) David earned his share of fans both on and off camera during that summer.  

We invited David down to meet us with no intentions of shooting him yet; but he didn’t want to waste any time in getting your feed back on his cock and body.   David had 1 request, he wanted to keep anything on camera to a minimum because of the huge tattoo of his name across his abs. David introduces himself, talks to you, teases you and kicks back on the bed to crank out a healthy jock load. Anything beyond this, he chooses to do off film for obvious reasons (tattoo).  You can see he is a pretty sexual dude, like the rest of us, so he fit in fine. 

After that David was invited back for a few “Blessed Events” and was the life of the party kicking back on a bedroom chair where a few worshippers got fed a few loads one after the other.  David proved he was a stud, and needed very little time between blow jobs before the next cock sucker milked one out of him.  Watch him, I think you can get a vibe this kid likes showing off and getting serviced!

Watch Matt Christen The Beach House in his scene from #42, Big Load! (as usual)

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Comments: 2

more of him please
would love to see more of him