#24 Scene 3: Matt and Carlo Unloading -

Approx Run Time: 9 Minutes

The Buddy System

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First: Matt Unloads His Balls...7 Days Edging & Unloading: Matt blessed with big low hanging balls and the ability to shoot buckets full of muscle cum across the room he kicks back, lubes up and pops off a load that was brewing for over 7 days. Watch as he just keeps cumming and cumming all over "The Red Chair" (since sold to a fan) It looked like someone poured vanilla ice cream all over the chair.  Ever get a Matt Facial? 

Next: Matt and Carlo Unloading piss...Pissing On The Health Food Store Guy! :  I can be pretty aggressive and pretty demanding.  This scene was for Red Door members on that site before this new theater set up at musclematt.com.  This was one of the scenes that earned Jimmy the name “Piss Boy Jimmy”. Jimmy wanted to get pissed on so, why not?  

Watch as I dominate this guy first by making him kneel down and get pissed on by me.  Then, Matt un-zips and unloads a bladder full all over Jimmy.  

If you like piss, golden showers, watching any of the crew piss, of piss on someone, etc. see our category, yes you guessed : Piss Scenes


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This video is wroth it