#178 Breeding LA Jack Fuck Buddy 1 (You Produce) -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Exclusive to musclematt.com Jack, AKA LA Jack makes his very first selfie fuck video; A You Produce Production.

This was his first submission prior to a series of clips that I reviewed and directed him on.  Since this film his filming had gotten much improved and continues to improve, Although the quality is not perfect, the content, the bodies and the scene is PERFECT.

Jack, a versatile guy from West Hollywood, CA that can top of he wants to, prefers to get fucked and bred by hot, in shape, worked out gym buddies.  He offers his ass up to hot guys who need to get off and dump a load and he has begun to film these “sexcapades” exclusively for us. These guys like to dump in him because he is on Prep and tested often so they are comfortable busting a nut him him bareback raw and he is comfortable taking as many loads as he can for me and our following.  

In this, his maiden voyage, Jack meets with a gym buddy sets up a camera an gets railed.  Notice the size of his buddy’s dick and notice how Jack takes it like a champ.  Also notice that after his buddy cums he let’s it drip out and then blow his own load.

Jack is open to hot hung guys who are willing to discretely film with him from the LA area if anyone wants to breed him.

See Jacks Profile here and read the blog post introducing him.  Also look for other films from Jack and watch how his film style improves under my direction.

FUCKED AGAIN! #179 a VIP ONLY release, Jack takes home another muscled up hung gym buddy and gets a load dumped in his ass.  Making out, foot worship, Jack is a champ!

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Comments: 3

as expected of Carlo, he knows how to pick em. Excellent stuff.
Hot! Looking forward to more with this jock taking bro-loads. That hole can take a serious fucking.
Wow, Jack and his buddy are hot! Great first film, can't wait to see more and let's hope some of your LA fans come through on meeting with him for us. This was raw, passionate but rough fucking between buddies. Welcome Jack