#14 Scene 1 JV Chokes on a Mouthful of Matt Cum -

Approx Run Time: 23 Minutes

The Buddy System

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After #11, Matt Worshiped and Seduced The First Blessing was released and became a MEGA-Hit demands for more worship and blow-jobs slammed our e-mail, Matt was HOOKED! Both his ego and his cock was getting worked over-time and the talk about his cum shots was going viral on the Internet. Then we got an e-mail from a college jock named "JV", said he was in a frat, saw our sites, saw Matt and wanted the chance to worship Matt. Well, that was nice but not unless it benefit Matt and The Muscle Mafia in some way, so JV agreed to film his worship session with Matt. This was in the days before we had custom cock-sucker masks made, so JV elected for sunglasses. This Scene was part of DVD #14, released, sold-out and then footage put in The Vault to be sold as a special presentation in some rare copies. Now, JV's experience worshiping and getting face fucked by Matt is now playing in its entirety in the theaters.

JV immediately drops to his knees, feels Matt's chest, biceps and abs and uses his tongue to feel his way to unzip Matt's Jeans, pull down his Calvin's and go balls deep on Matt's 8 inch cock. After moving him around the room for a while making JV suck his dick, Matt lays him down and gives JV a mouthful of Matt's Legendary massive cum shot. JV thought he could handle it, but gags and Matt's thick white muscle cum pours from JV's mouth down his chin. Poor kid, he needs some practice maybe he should take on a few of his drunk frat brothers. I'm sure today, JV is an expert muscle worshiper and cock sucker all inspired by his finding our website and having the balls to go for what he wanted.... Matt!

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Comments: 3

This is a fantastic movie. I think Matt has sensational pecs and nipples, always have, and in this movie, they get all the attention they deserve. His partner never leaves them alone, and nor would I. They do get attended to in other videos, but not like this one. If you're a pec lover like me, BUY THIS NOW.
I agree with ianyone. I love how the worshipper focuses on Matt's pecs and nipples. Matt's chest and ass are my favorite body parts. Would love to see a vid of those being focused on
oh woah! love the nipple/pec worshiping and another great load by Matt. A great scene!