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Cum Control From a Distance (Boss Style): You have seen his profile and read that he is submitting video for the new You Produce but in a phone conversation with Chicago Ben he mentioned that me cum controlling him would be hot.  He said if fans can donate enough to The Muscle Fund on his profile p (...Read More)
Side Money for some, fun for others, more films and something social moderated by The Boss for everyone. Creating Monsters Long Distance: You can now produce, have movies on and take full advantage of our code of silence.  All you have to do from anywhere in the world is video someth (...Read More)
Today I released to the VIP Only You Produce, home selfie cell phone video of Brandon; #166 Brandon’s Girlfriend Lends a Hand.  This is the essence of the You Produce category and why it can be so incredibly fun and erotic. But this film has particular significance because as I stated in his prof (...Read More)
Safe With Us! How Safe Am I At, Better Than Facebook! Both before and after a new sign up members might ask “How safe is my information at”.  In a word “Very”, but with recent developments regarding Facebook and other social sites and adult sites selling everyo (...Read More)
#161 VIP ONLY becomes the first official film and live encore broadcast from the new Remote Boss Cam. No computer needed, no webcam, no internet service.  Just muscle on the move, impulsive thoughts, needs and creative ideas broadcast live for ticket holding members.Worth Mentioning: Normally nothi (...Read More)
One of the many things I have been working on is a very interesting new technology that will allow me to broadcast LIVE from anywhere without a computer, web camera, or internet connection.  This brings our select live performances, private shows, and group events to an entirely new level with crys (...Read More)
This gets a little into the mind of Justin, the star of #159 Seducing Justin and the countless guys like him that I have encountered.  Justin like millions of red blooded American Males have fantasies and thoughts, some thoughts and some fantasies go without expression and fulfillment which over ti (...Read More)
You just can’t make this up, shit happens here even on Christmas. #102, Christmas at home, was the first Christmas Wish shot at The Crew Condo.  Because of the private location of the condo the invite list was intimate and carefully thought out. I tried to grant everyones wish this year.  First (...Read More)
The Craziness Begins.. It’s Saturday December 13, 2014 and all week we have been getting ready to shoot Christmas Wish 2014.  Preparations or at least talks about Christmas Wish began as far back as June when we first moved into The Crew Condo, and then again in August.  
Anthony’s Wish...The (...Read More)
#100 a Milestone Posted on 11/27/14
We hit the 3 digits with #100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem and rolled out version 22.5 of, our first major renovation since our complete overhaul in May 2013. Both the new site and #100 were released Thanksgiving eve and it proved to be worth the wait for you and a good move for th (...Read More)
New Cover Shoot/ New Cock Sucker:  Just wrapped a shoot with Matt who was looking awesome as always!  This was specifically for the planning of the new cover of  Also had a great shoot with Anthony who is sporting 15 pounds of new muscle and looking awesome!  Both Matt and Anthon (...Read More)
We have many names for them here, rats, weasels, trolls, losers, bottom feeders, etc.  other names I rather not even put in writing.. Im talking about thieves, freeloaders who try to rip us off.  They can run but can’t hide and we been catching them, when we do they don’t know what hit them.
(...Read More)
Making Christmas Wish 2013 Posted on 12/21/13
There is a lot of preparation that goes into special events, especially Christmas Wish.I receive emails all year long with wishes from movie buyers and supporters all over the world, and I read each one. The start of organizing a Christmas Wish film usually begins in August, depending on circumstanc (...Read More)
New Inductee..October 2013 I initiated Anthony as the latest made man in The Muscle Mafia Family. As the ritual goes, he privately took the oath (not filmed), promised vow of silence and was officially recieved the ritualistic hand shake and "Welcome to the crew" from me, The Boss.  He has now join (...Read More)
A methodical mind massage... that put a straight bi-curious college into a trance of submission. This is first of the summer 2013 films released, and it happened shortly after I received an email from someone named Danny. In that email were these photos he took with his cell phone not knowing what i (...Read More)
The Buzz, The Intrigue, The Mystery and The Message...Original Air Dated March 25, 2013.  Sometime in late February I received an email from someone named “Miss Tiger”, subject: (I want you on my show) and the email in short said that she has been a Muscle Mafia fan and pithed the subject of mu (...Read More)
The Making of Switch.... It was a long day and although The Crew makes it look easy, there is a lot that went into this all day and all night "Blessed Event". The first time The Muscle Mafia Mansion was ever seen, mentioned or filmed, it was a special event and I thought it was the perfect back drop (...Read More)
Along with letting loose the new on Friday May 24, 2013 we dropped a few brand new releases and a bunch of Vault Productions as just added, some never seen before, all most definitely new to online buyers.#80, Speechless;was one of those new releases and judging from the member respon (...Read More)
Welcome! The doors to the new are now open!  We went live with the site at 9 pm Friday May 24, 2013 for a Memorial Day weekend launch; another decade and an new era of The Muscle Mafia has begun! The new “Members Only” setup makes the site more selective and has been engineered w (...Read More)
What's Going On?A new house of worship is almost ready to open its doorsand when it does, a New Decade Begins.This might be the blog post you have all been waiting for, in fact, I know it is! First, again and always thanks for the non-stop emails asking when you are going to see updates and new rele (...Read More)
After Hurricane Sandy we had no idea if Christmas Wish would come off this year; at the time we start to organize the current years wish, we were sitting by candle light with no power and no Internet access for nearly 2 weeks. Hotels and airlines were a cluster fuck and to add to the mayhem we were (...Read More)