#156 Brad and Derek Tag Team Ron -

Approx Run Time: 46 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 5


Derek and Brad…AKA: Big! Big D & Big Brad tag team, tag slam little Ron!  What else needs to be said.  Brad shows the ropes to Derek in his first tag team.  We all know I own Ron and share him with all the guys, he does what I tell him.  Ron comes through again as I turn both Derek, (King Dong) and Big Brad whose Dong is just as king loose on cock sucker Ron.

A lot of dick sucking, using and abusing, ass pounding and cum swallowing as Ron gets tagged and Derek gets comfortable with the essence of using a cock sucker is all about.

This was an original live board cast filmed and now #156.  

Behind The Scenes: See the related Boss V-Blog/Podcast to #156 where I show behind the scenes footage of us setting up and getting ready for the filming.  I answer the question from a fan who wanted to know what kind of prep goes into the films before we roll.  “What happens before you guys start filming?”.  VIP ONLY Check it out.

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Comments: 3

Brad was great and hot as always, but nice to see another big built guy like Derek added to the mix. Loved that Derek was getting into some fisting to push Ron harder and that Ron took his load straight down his throat.
HOT! Beautiful men directed by another beautiful man. Very cool how Derek started out a bit nervous, I agree with cumvamp, was hot that at the end Derek was fist fucking Ron and you can see he was getting off on the power and control as Ron's legs were up with Brad's dick down his throat as Derek's fist was in his ass..power trip "D" was lovin it.
Carlo! Loved this film! Brad and Derek together were fucking hot 2 big muscle studs with their dicks out for Ron to service and please was AWWESOME! It was genuine you could see Derek was nervous and following Brad's lead, definitely could tell this was Big D's first time which made it all more real and that much hotter. Good Stuff Boss! Yur da best!